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17 Photos That Will Make You Say "Me As A Rich Person"

If I were me, except rich.

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2. When you just really care about the environment, man.

Instagram: @dontfuxkingtouchme

3. When you fuck up.

4. When you just want to get to sleep.

If I were ever rich enough, this would be me.


5. When you hate crowds.

me at 1d concerts if i ever get rich

6. When you hate everyone except your doggie, and also you're really, really rich.

Woman leaves £1 million to her dog - including an entire house

7. When you don't have any free hands.


12. When you're online shopping but also you're rich.

Instagram: @_tumblr__textposts_

14. When you weren't rich before but then you suddenly are.

16. When you feel a little lonely from time to time.

17. And when you're just making some new friends.

Instagram: @miranda_a_0329