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    24 Times Bears Were The Most Relatable Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

    Me if I were a bear.

    1. When you weren't invited to the party but show up anyway.

    2. When you're SURE you weren't going over the speed limit.

    3. When it's cold out and you just wanna come inside and warm up but you forgot your keys.

    4. When you visit a public pool and all the other kids scream and run away from you.

    5. When you have a big night out and regret the photos the next day.

    Christof Stache / AFP / Getty Images

    6. When you're trying to lick the bottom of the yogurt container but can't quite reach.

    7. When your family holiday gets out of hand.

    8. When your parents catch you opening a present the day before Christmas.

    Greg Wood / AFP / Getty Images

    9. When someone rubs you the wrong way for the last time.

    10. When it's hot as hell so you run a cool bath and just sit in it till you stop sweating.

    11. When you move to a new city and need some new friends.

    12. When your friends are coming over for a BBQ so you get the grill going ahead of time.

    13. When your parents tell you not to jump up and down on your bed but you don't heed their advice.

    14. When there's a rail replacement service AGAIN.

    15. When you're treating yourself to some "me time".

    Watch a bear take a leisurely break in a man's hot tub

    16. When you meet a really cool dog.

    17. When you make a mistake and just have to live with the consequences for a while.

    18. When you wake up after a long sleep and you're a bit disoriented.

    19. When the weather's fine and you spot a cutie.

    20. When you forget your limits and quickly regret it.

    21. When your mother won't stop calling you and it's just not a good time.

    22. When you're on holiday with your pals and decide to take a cheeky photo.

    23. When dating just isn't going well at ALL.

    24. And when you forget your glasses.

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