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    13 Incredible Fossils That Show What Human Life Was Once Like

    We can learn so much about ancient humans from what they left behind.

    1. Early humans left us many clues about their day-to-day existence.

    2. These fossils can tell us all about a long lost way of life.

    3. By carefully studying the tools ancient humans used, we can begin to understand the rise of civilsation.

    4. We may trace our ancestors' rise from hunter-gatherers to developed societies.

    5. Many fossils, however, only serve to increase the mystery of our species' heritage.

    6. What can we make of early human's fascination with such objects?

    7. What pleasure or purpose did these tools bring to their lives?

    8. What was the reason for these square symbols now scattered across the globe?

    9. Were they weapons, to be thrown in combat? Were they food?

    10. This blunt object was used for whittling.

    11. These artefacts were possibly used in fertility rights.

    12. It is widely thought that these objects were of ritual significance.

    13. If we can better understand our ancient bretheren, perhaps someday we will better understand ourselves.