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24 Faces You'll Recognise If You're Broke In London

Everything's totally fine.

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1. When you live in a houseshare with way too many people and you're all trying to use the kitchen at the same time.

Guido Reni / Via / Creative Commons

2. When it's the end of the month and you're trying to jazz up your Pot Noodles with hot sauce.

Evelyn De Morgan / Via / Creative Commons

3. When you get in the shower and realise you forgot to top up your gas meter.

Fernando Botero / Via

4. When you're at an event and there's free food.

Hieronymus Bosch / Via / Creative Commons

5. When the council finds you after you move house and hits you with back tax.

6. When you find an open bar.

Guido Reni / Via / Creative Commons

7. When you're trying to save on your tube fare so you walk home.

Titian / Via / Creative Commons

8. When your Railcard expires.

Antonello da Messina / Via / Creative Commons

9. When it's January but you're not about to put the heater on.

Henry Fuseli / Via / Creative Commons

10. When you've got your phone, internet, and water bills to pay all at the same time.

11. When you start paying back your student loan.

Xue Jiye

12. When you're dealing with an infestitation in your disgusting flat.

John Hamilton Mortimer / Via / Creative Commons

13. When rent is due the day before you get paid and there's literally nothing you can do about it.

14. When it's your turn to buy a round.

Edvard Munch / Via / Creative Commons

15. When you need your boo to loan you £100.

Giovanni Battista Cipriani / Via

16. When there's free lunch at work.

Francisco Goya / Via / Creative Commons

17. When you see the ticket inspector moving down your carriage and you gotta run for it.

Cornelis de Vos / Via / Creative Commons

18. When your aunties all have an opinion about how you could get your life together.

Johann Heinrich Füssli / Via / Creative Commons

19. When there's a 2-for-1 deal on chicken at Sainsbury's.

El Greco / Via / Creative Commons

20. When you find £20 in your coat pocket and need to celebrate.

William Blake / Via / Creative Commons

21. When the estate agent is charging you a £300 fee to print off a tenancy agreement. / Creative Commons

22. When you're £10 from the bottom of your overdraft and nobody can save you.

John Everett Millais / Via / Creative Commons

23. When it's finally payday and you splash out on a £7 bottle of wine.

Carvaggio / Via / Creative Commons

24. When you're going about your business acting like everything fine.