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19 Things That Will Take You Right Back To Your Very First Period

Remember finding out that it was nothing like the nice blue liquid in the ads?

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14. And the first time you tried to take a tampon OUT may have required some exploration.


No matter what your teachers, friends, and parents told you, you of course feared it could get stuck alllll the way up inside your body, forever.

15. Then came the questions and new concerns.

Sharon from the year above told you you can have babies now, and oh my god, can it just happen?? Like, you're walking to school one day and BOOM, nine months pregnant!

16. You'd heard a lot in TV and films about how women on their periods loOOooOoove you definitely used it as an excuse.


17. And you definitely compared your first period to your friends who already had theirs, to see how you all compared.

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It was probably surprising to find out everyone's a liiiittle bit different.

19. And finally, just when you thought your first period was wasn't.


Like an old friend, it came right back and caught you by surprise. RIP whatever pants you were wearing at the time, and all those sadly lost in the years since.