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Ed Miliband Has Thanked The Teenage Leader Of The Milifandom For Her Support

The morning after the #Milifandom took Twitter by storm, the leader of the opposition has reached out to his most enthusiastic young fan, Abby.

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Abby, the 17-year-old leader of the Milifandom, has just been tweeted by Ed Miliband himself.

@twcuddleston Hi Abby - Delighted that you’ve joined Labour, welcome.

He thanked her for her interest in politics.

@twcuddleston It’s good to hear young people who care about politics speaking up for the things they believe in.

And encouraged her and other young people to check out Labour's policies.

@twcuddleston There’s a lot at stake at this election for young people. I hope more young people will join you & get involved. #VoteLabour

He has even followed her.

The Milifandom has erupted in joy. Especially this girl.

Perhaps she should be the next one he tweets.
Twitter: @Ed_Miliband

Perhaps she should be the next one he tweets.

Abby's one wish has come true. ❤️

I just want Ed to acknowledge my existence

Now leave her alone.

I'm not doing any interviews. I have as levels. Sorry.

On behalf of @twcuddleston, please do not send her any further messages asking for interviews as she has AS levels to revise for. Thank you

I'm just an exam stressed 17 year old who loves Tom Hiddleston and thinks the media is unfair to Ed, just wanted to change that.

Why oh why didn't 16 year old Abby choose politics at A level? You idiot!

And remember:

The #milifandom is a perfect example of the way young people can interact with politics, don't mock that because you dont understand it