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If The Media Reported What People Really Feel About The Tube Strike

Against all odds, in a display of incredible courage, thousands of Londoners are bravely watching daytime TV in their pants.

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1. Today's tube strike has forced London commuters to face some of their gravest fears.

The Daily Mail / BuzzFeed

2. Leading many to air their grievances to the world.

BBC / BuzzFeed

3. As thousands of commuters attempt to cross London, things are looking dire.

The Huffington Post / BuzzFeed

4. Sacrifices will have to be made.

London Evening Standard / BuzzFeed

5. The scenes have been hellish since morning, and promise only to worsen over the course of the day.

Metro / BuzzFeed

6. Many families are facing impossible hardships due to the strike.

The Guardian / BuzzFeed

7. Someday, Londoners will recount these hellish scenes to their grandchildren.

ITV / BuzzFeed

8. Many Londoners are being forced to work from home.

BBC / BuzzFeed

9. But they are struggling on against all odds.

The Guardian / BuzzFeed

10. Not letting the chaos keep them from their important work.

Sky News / BuzzFeed

11. Most Londoners, though, will cope the only way they know how.

The Telegraph / BuzzFeed

12. It's basically the only thing to do. / BuzzFeed

13. Might as well wait it out till the buses clear out a bit. / BuzzFeed

14. It's only logical.

NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

15. It's not like anyone's getting much work done today anyway.

BBC / BuzzFeed

16. Except for a couple of bike wankers.

The Independent / BuzzFeed

17. And (justifiably) smug northerners.

Manchester Evening News / BuzzFeed