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    19 Slightly Awkward Things You Do If You're Obsessed With Your Friends

    You have absolutely no chill about your friendships, and that's OK.

    1. Here's the thing. You don't just like your friends – you love them so much it's kind of embarrassing.

    2. When you first become obsessed with a friend, you go for a thorough stalk of all their social media.

    3. And you have absolutely no chill about showing your love for each and every photo of their lives.

    4. Your praise for them can get a little over the top.

    5. If you have the app Find Friends, you definitely check in on their whereabouts.

    i always stalk my friends locations bc im obsessed with every single one of them theyre so cool i love them

    6. You know all about their struggles and exactly what time of day they need what kind of encouragement.

    7. You always let them know when you're thinking about how much you love them.

    8. If something awkward happens to your friend, you will do anything to protect them from embarrassment, even if it means embarrassing yourself in the process.

    If they farted in front of their crush you would stand and say "NAY, TWAS I THAT BROKE WIND" so they could save face.

    9. If they need a favour, like getting food when they're sick, you are on it before they even ask.

    10. You don't cope very well when you're far away from your friend.

    11. Their birthday is a really emotional time for you.

    12. You've probably given your friend a really over-the-top gift.

    13. You've probably taken a picture of them sleeping.

    14. You know that their other friends will never love them as much as you do.

    Yes, it's a competition.

    15. You make a very good personal cheerleader.

    16. If they have a big challenge ahead of them, you'll send encouragement at all hours of the day and night.

    17. You have actually cried because you're so proud of them before.

    18. And when they say something you laugh a liiiiiittle too hard.

    19. But no matter what they do, you want the world to know how fucking brilliant they are.