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    21 Cats Who Haven't Heard About Gravity

    Physics is for humans.

    1. This cat doesn't know what gravity is.

    2. Of course, the exact nature of gravity has been a subject of great scientific debate for centuries.

    3. This cat, however, does not display even a basic understanding of gravity.

    4. Nor does this one.

    5. Sometimes, though, not knowing about gravity can be useful. Such as when walking casually up a fence.

    The Slow Mo Guys / Via

    6. Or down a fence.

    7. Or getting down from the top of a fridge.

    8. Other times, however, not knowing about gravity can lead to great calamity.

    9. Or at least some gentle embarassment.

    10. Many humans are confused by their cats' anti-gravity behaviour.

    11. However, it is not that all cats COULD NEVER understand gravity...

    12. is simply that they don't know about it yet.

    13. As soon as they learn what gravity is, these cats may decide to change their ways.

    They may stop climbing up the underside of staircases.

    14. They may stop hovering menacingly in the air above their friends.

    15. Like this.

    16. Or this.

    17. But why should cats have to know about gravity?

    18. Why should they give up the superpowers of their anti-gravity skill?

    19. Is it wrong that this cat thinks that "up" and "down" are a social construct?

    20. Is it wrong that this cat should hurtle through the air, unconstrained by a simple understanding of the laws of physics?

    21. Never change, cats.

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