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26 Cats Working Towards The Destruction Of The Patriarchy

Overthrowing centuries of injustice one nap at a time.

1. This cat doesn't give a damn about body-shamers.

2. This cat believes that the phrase "walk of shame" stigmatises women's sexuality.

3. This cat is protesting representations of women in the mainstream media by shredding a newspaper into a thousand tiny pieces.

4. This cat is always keeping an eye out for sexist microaggressions.

5. This cat doesn't take shit from any man, or other cat.

6. This cat is fighting back against the manspreaders.

7. This cat doesn't give a shit about looking ladylike.

8. This cat knows that wearing a pink collar doesn't make her any less of a feminist.

9. These cats are enjoying their weekly feminist book club meeting.

10. This cat is using interpretive dance to challenge limited definitions of gender.

11. This cat just heard a sexist joke and is about to explain to his friends that what they perceive as innocent banter is actually oppressive to women.

12. This cat is sharing responsibility for child-rearing equally with his partner.

13. This cat will climb to the top of her career one man at a time.

14. This cat will not stand for another second of mansplaining.

15. This cat is delivering a lecture on intersectionality.

16. This cat just tore up some problematic literature.

17. The cat who did this understands that the overthrow of capitalism will advance women.

18. This cat has destroyed the instruction manual for something called a "foot controller" and is now eating it.

19. This cat would like to know why she's being paid less than the tomcat down the road to do the exact same job.

20. This cat is leaning the fuck in.

21. This cat thinks your sociology thesis needs some revisions due to its failure to take gendered structures into account.

22. This cat uses men as furniture.

23. This cat will not move until this man checks his privilege.

24. This cat will sit on this man's head until he accepts that it isn't "only natural" that women are underrepresented in business and government.

25. This cat is ready for the revolution.

26. And this cat is practising for destroying the patriarchy by destroying some other things first.

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