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44 Cat Reactions That Perfectly Sum Up Your Job

You can't hide it when you see your douchey colleague getting in trouble.

1. When your boss stops by to check in on your team.

2. When you get to work hungover and try to make it look like you're not hungover.

3. When the colleague you hate is getting yelled at on the other side of the office.

4. When they hire someone new who your boss describes as a "star".

5. When you suddenly realise it's your two-year anniversary at a job you thought you'd do for "just a little while".

6. When you find out that Greg and Jillian totally did it one time.

7. When you get a new desk and it's right next to your work crush.

8. When you and your work BFF merge into the same person.

9. When it's the end of the month and you're waiting for your paycheck.

10. When you finally lose all shame about snacking at your desk.

11. When your desk is too small.

12. When it's payday.

13. When things go wrong for your BFF at the work party and you have to cover for them.

14. When it's your first day and you can't remember anyone's name.

15. When you get free lunch.

16. When you hit "send" on a bitchy email to your work BFF and suddenly fear that you sent it to the whole office.

17. When you remember that you wrote in that email that your boss has a face like a guy who gets naked every night and takes a bath in a tub of baked beans.

18. When you see that you DIDN'T send it to everyone and have narrowly escaped career death.

19. When you get your nails done on your lunch break because you're a glamorous professional.

20. When your boss asks the whole office if anyone's free to work on the weekend.

21. When your needy co-workers won't leave you alone all day with their endless questions.

22. When some dickhead is sitting in your chair for some reason.

23. When that one guy is explaining to you how to do your job.

24. When people leave their dirty mugs in the kitchen and you're the one who has to tidy them up for some reason.

25. When the colleague who got way, way too drunk at the work party and said some regrettable shit arrives at work on Monday morning.

26. When you get caught stealing someone else's yogurt from the fridge.

27. When someone cuts you off in a meeting.

28. And then says the shit you were about to say.

29. And then gets credit for that shit.

30. When you have to do a team-building exercise with your whole office.

31. When there's a new hire and they're a total hottie.

32. When you use your lunch break for a quick nap.

33. When a co-worker touches you.

34. When you get to work and realise your outfit looks stupid, but you're gonna have to rock it all day anyway.

35. When you've been staring at a screen all day and your eyes stop working properly.

36. When everyone's laughing about something that happened at the party you missed.

37. When you can't remember the last time you left work on time.

38. When you can't even with all these people who suck at their jobs.

39. When you hook up with a work colleague and then realise you've made a huge mistake.

40. When you're the last one at your office late at night.

41. When you get that sweet, sweet bonus.

42. When you make a stupid mistake and look like an idiot in front of everyone.

43. When you've done amazing work but it's not getting the attention it deserves.

44. When you get a promotion and feel powerful AF.

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