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    25 British Cats Who Would Very Much Like To Come Home With You

    These cats are in shelters near you. They're asking very nicely for you to please adopt them immediately.

    1. Marge would like to sit in your garden, and then have a tummy tickle.

    She's waiting for you at the Bromsgrove Blue Cross shelter near Birmingham.

    2. Fonzie would like to investigate the cardboard box that you shoved in the back of your closet.

    3. Jevarna would like to appear frequently in your Instagram feed.

    4. Betty is giving you a look that says, "Please love me."

    5. Buju is very likely to be the most beautiful cat you have ever seen.

    6. Bella is reaching her paw slightly towards you, because she loves you already.

    The 13-year-old beauty is at the Blue Cross shelter in Hertfordshire.

    7. Dexter would like you to boop him riiiiight there on the nose.

    He's just over a year old, and awaits your boop at the Blue Cross shelter in Cambridge.

    8. Daphne and Velma would like to decorate your home with their flawless beauty.

    Go and find them at the Cumbria Blue Cross, and please bring a nice car.

    9. Lilly is quite frankly astonished that her cheeks could be this chubby and yet you have not come to tickle them yet.

    She will forgive you as soon as you ring up the Cambridge Blue Cross shelter to arrange for an adoption.

    10. Boo would like to be your one and only boo.

    She's just 11 months old, and at the Burford Blue Cross shelter.

    11. Lovely Jasper is waiting for you, very, very patiently.

    12. Jon Snow knows one thing, and one thing only: There is a little warm patch on the stairs of your home where the heating comes through, and that is where he would like to be sleeping as soon as possible.

    13. Have you noticed the 1-year-old Scamp's little bitty white toes?

    No? Go to Coleg Gwenk Blue Cross shelter, near Cardiff, to see them in person.

    14. George would like to fall asleep on your sofa while you watch The Great British Bake Off.

    He's only a year old, and can be found at the Felixstowe Blue Cross rehoming centre in Suffolk.

    15. Seven-year-old Poppy promises never, ever to wake you up before you'd like to be woken up.

    16. Sam will stop glaring at you as soon as you give him a nice bowl of food and a cuddle.

    If you're anywhere near the County Durham Blue Cross shelter, you really have no excuse but to go and adopt the 3-year-old immediately.

    17. Thomas is 16 years old but as sweet as ever.

    18. Buttons has heard through the grapevine that you have a nice chair by the window where the light comes in. He would like to sit in it and look at the birds outside.

    19. Sox would like to you to cancel your weekend plans and stay in and scratch under her chin instead.

    20. Crunchie is quite frankly the perfect cat.

    21. Barnie and Ben would like to come and find out exactly how warm your bed is.

    22. Jaffa would like to help you with your paperwork.

    He's a very good assistant. Find him at the Manchester & Salford branch of the RSPCA.

    23. Missy is big and beautiful.

    Will you be the one to put her on a diet? Find her at the Edinburgh & Lothians branch of the Scottish SPCA.

    24. Billy pretty much just wants a hug. (And a home for life.)

    25. Fabio would like a nice scratch behind the ears and then a three-hour nap on your sofa.

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