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    Oct 24, 2016

    America In Campaign Ads Vs. America IRL

    Two Americas.

    Politicians in campaign ads:

    Politicians in real life:

    Small town America in political ads:

    Small town America in real life:

    Family photos in political ads:

    Family photos in real life:

    Corn in political ads:

    Corn in real life:

    Married people in political ads:

    Married people in real life:

    Parenting in political ads:

    Parenting in real life:

    Old people in political ads:

    Old people in real life:

    Children in political ads:

    Children in real life:

    Children meeting politicians in ads:

    Children meeting politicians in real life:

    Schools in political ads:

    Schools in real life:

    Men being men in political ads:

    Men being men in real life:

    Farms in political ads:

    Farms in real life:

    College students in political ads:

    College students in real life:

    Majestic eagles in political ads:

    Majestic eagles in real life:

    Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Facebook

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