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This Is What The Oscar Nominations Look Like Without All The Men

All of these women would like to thank the Academy.

The 2015 Oscar nominations are in.

As always, we're pleased to see the Academy is honouring many talented women and people of colour.

Here are the groundbreaking women in the running for Best Director this year:

Mars Pathfinder /

These are all the women writers shattering glass ceilings with their Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay nominations:

ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM / Via

Here are the wonderful female cinematographers getting the recognition they deserve:

It's the fucking surface of the moon, get it? / Via

Women also had a strong showing in the original score, visual effects, and sound mixing categories:

Fucking empty-ass space / Via

And here are all the truly inspiring actors of colour, thrilled to be nominated for the highest honour in film:

Literally Mars / Via

Congratulations to all of these inspiring nominees!

Totally unrelated fact, but Oscar voters are 93% white, 76% male with average age of 63.