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A Fond Look Back At Six Years Of David Cameron's Iconic Shoes

Sure, he may have been prime minister for six years – but as with Theresa May, all anyone really cares about is David's daring shoes.

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David Cameron has a lot to reflect on about the past six years of his premiership – but nowhere has he made more of a mark than in the world of shoe fashion.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Here he is campaigning in the May 2007 local elections when he was merely leader of the Conservative visiting a shoe shop! Little did he know back then what fabulous shoe fashion awaited him as prime minister in the years to come.


The men of Great Britain clamoured to know – where did he buy them?

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Are those lovely little things called brogues? Who knows, we're not shoe experts – you'd have to ask David Cameron, prime minister of Great Britain!

We won't need to remind you of these classically casual slip-ons he wore on holiday to Portugal in 2013.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

Yes, by 2013 "David Cameron" had already become synonymous with "fashion footwear" thanks to beauties like these.

David always knew that shoes could be more than just glamorous – they could also show his softer, gentler, countryside-chic side.

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Shoes like these helped make David more relatable and likable to the public.


Some might say David's shoes have nothing to do with his job as prime minister, and that the British press should focus on his political legacy rather than obsessing about his fancy footwear...


No, we will never forget David's bold shoe legacy.

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That's why he wasn't just the leader in politics – but a leader in style for all occasions. Where he and his fashion instinct led, other middle-aged white men followed.