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23 Reasons The Best Vines Come From Nollywood

Is your suit alright?

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1. This devotion to cleanliness.

2. This impeccable, ever-applicable shade.

3. This deeply #relatable self-reflection.

4. This inspiring academic pep talk.

5. And this unbridled expression of despair.

6. This deliciously shady line of inquiry.

7. This footage of the world's most expressive eyebrows.

8. And the most glorious laugh.

9. This perfectly understandable response to a ghost.

10. This 6-second improvement upon Twilight.

11. This argument for not firing your sound guy.

12. And this evidence that your special effects dude is probably important, too.

13. This classic response to shocking news.

14. This (Nollywood-inspired) take on Nelly and Kelly Rowland's "Dilemma."

15. This deeply confusing advice.

16. And this insult delivered with the grace of Chimamanda Adichie.

17. This imaginative threat that could only have come from an African parent.

18. And this one too, for good measure.

19. These next-level special effects.

20. This reminder to put some respeck on your elders' names.

21. This live footage of me running away from my responsibilities.

22. This reminder to never underestimate the little guy(s).

23. And this warning of what happens when your scamming catches up to you.

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