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    36 Trashy Neighbors Who Had Absolutely No Respect For The People Living Around Them

    "Nothing says 'good neighbor' like turning someone's yard into a toilet!"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the worst neighbors they've ever had. Lucky for us (and unlucky for them), we received all kinds of off-the-wall nightmare neighbor stories that'll probably make your crummy neighbors look like a dream. are their wiiiiiild responses:

    1. "My upstairs neighbors are two students in their 20s, so naturally, alcohol flows in the household. They rearrange their furniture at 2:00 a.m. every single night, sing very loudly until 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., and if I'm lucky, they play the drums, too! Plus, someone regularly vomits out the window. Thankfully, it doesn't get onto my window, but it's still not fun to see. In February, their smoke detector went off (low battery) for three days, but they just lived with it. We had to call maintenance to go and change the batteries. They were home; they just ignored the high-pitched beeping for three days. We've filed complaints about them so many times. It's supposed to be three warnings and you're out, but apparently, they own their unit."


    2. "I had a downstairs neighbor that would piss in the heat vents, so we couldn’t use our heat during the winter."


    A woman who is cold turning on her thermostat

    3. "The landlord's son hid from the cops in my apartment by entering through the crawl space and going into the bedroom closet. He accessed it through the hole he made using a saw in his apartment closet next door."


    4. "My next-door neighbor hated my dogs. He would let them out of the yard and call animal control on them. We spent lots of money bailing them out of the animal shelter. The worst was when he called animal control to tell them that one particular dog was out and attacking a child. The animal control officer asked him to describe this dog, and he did. My husband was at the animal shelter with that dog getting him microchipped AS THIS WAS HAPPENING. After that, animal control didn't take his calls too seriously. The dogs mysteriously stopped getting out when my husband told the neighbor that we had cameras and we had caught him letting the dogs out."


    A dog running through the grass

    5. "While mowing the lawn, I noticed that my storm drain kept smelling worse and worse. As the smell became vomit-inducing, I started sleuthing. Eventually, I found a pipe that didn’t belong in my grass and realized the smell was because of the neighbors. Their sewer line broke, and instead of fixing it, they ran PVC pipe directly from their bathroom’s main line into my storm drain. Nothing says good neighbor like turning someone's yard into a toilet!"


    6. "Our old neighbor used to physically chase her son around the outside of her home, like, 20 times before she would come over to our house and ask, 'Can I have a popsicle for my son so he will finally go to bed?' My parents thought they were ridiculous, but always did it to stop the screaming bedtime tantrums. One night, the family loaded up their truck and escaped to Canada after racking up a lot of debt. Hope Canada was stocked up on popsicles."


    A row of popsicles

    7. "I had a neighbor in his 50s or 60s who always seemed very friendly and would smile and say hello whenever I saw him. One night around midnight, I was out smoking on my patio with the light off. I saw him come outside with a slingshot, pick up a rock, and shoot it at another neighbor’s car! I was shocked, and it wasn’t until he did it a second time that I said, 'What the hell are you doing?' He was startled, mumbled something, and went back inside. Apparently, he had been harassing this neighbor, a single mother, for months because he thought her dog tracked in some dirt from outside into the common area. I gave a statement to the police, but she decided not to press charges because she was moving out.

    "A month or so later, he actually accused me of vandalizing his car and shouted all sorts of obscenities at me. A week later, he apologized and said he realized it was someone else, then laughed like it was no big deal. I told him not to talk to me ever again. Fortunately, he also moved out not long after."


    8. "My neighbor tried to light the apartment building on fire twice, including once directly in front of my door."


    A man's hand holding a match

    9. "I once had a neighbor throw a glass beer bottle through my car’s rear window. Completely shattered it. Cops did nothing."


    10. "I was certain that my neighbor was a vampire when I was a kid. He was an old man who sat in his house all day and never turned his lights on at night. He said he 'preferred candlelight.' I never saw him in the daytime, and he would only come out at night to leave creepy notes in our mailbox to try and hit on my mom or lurk in the shadows (and scare the shit out of me while I was taking the trash out). I even hid some garlic bulbs in his bushes, just in case. Anyway, he was arrested after he got drunk and almost ran over my neighbor’s kids."


    A man dressed as a vampire

    11. "I had a neighbor who would get suuuuper drunk, open all his windows and back doors, and blast REO Speedwagon’s 'Time for Me to Fly' and SHRIEK along. We had very, very small backyards and could hear it way too clearly. He would do this on weeknights, starting around 11:00 p.m. My dad would finally call the police at 1:00 a.m., and the police would tell us that the neighbor was 'going through a lot' because he and his girl had just broken up, and they'd tell us to 'cut him some slack.' My dad was like, 'Well, he seems like a catch, but we all have to work, and my kid has school, so…' The idiot did this repeatedly."


    12. "We lived in an apartment at the time. This guy lived five apartments down in the adjacent building, but he and his daughter would both take turns either standing directly in front of our kitchen window or on our actual doorstep to smoke their cigarettes. This happened multiple times a day, every day. He also would allow his grandson to throw his rubber ball against our front door for hours on end. Once, my husband and I had an argument, and when my husband went outside to cool off, there was our neighbor, sitting outside our kitchen window smoking his cigarette. He asked, 'Is everything okay in there?' Zero privacy with this guy around."


    Someone holding a cigarette

    13. "In uni, I was living in a house that was split into two separate apartments. The only thing I shared with my upstairs neighbors was the laundry room. They were constantly loud and partying, but what takes the cake is the weekend that I went to do my laundry on a Sunday morning. When I opened the dryer, I found a cardboard box full of vomit, which I assumed was from their party the previous night."


    14. "One time, I was having game night with some friends when I looked outside and saw a bag floating through the air. Now, most of you are probably like, 'What does that have to do with neighbors?' Well, the bag was on FIRE because my neighbor had decided to create a floating lantern from a Walmart bag. Idiot. He set my tree on fire!!! It all turned out okay, but I refused to acknowledge that dumbass ever again."


    A ball of flames

    15. "My neighbors have four boys, and they built a two-story fort overlooking my yard. Then, they stand on the roof and see who can piss in my yard. It’s a contest."


    16. "We were halfway through our one-year lease when these neighbors moved into the building next to us and we had to start sharing the alleyway with them. They were constantly taking things off of our deck/patio and using them. My fiancé left a remote control car out once, and we found the bed full of cigarette butts. Their apartment did not come with an outside sitting space, so they’d put chairs and junk right in the middle of the alleyway, blocking everyone’s access to the building's trashcans. They stayed up all night, screaming and crying and having drama. They’d have shady characters stay with them who would lurk around our building. My fiancé is a recovering heroin addict, and they kept offering him drugs. That’s when I got really pissed.

    "After repeatedly asking them to move their junk from the alleyway, they put out cameras and threatened us not to touch anything or move their stuff out of our way. Then, they broke into our apartment when we were in the middle of moving. They ripped shelving from the walls and took literally everything they could, including my jewelry collection, which had taken me 35 years to curate and contained gifts from loved ones and priceless family heirlooms. The police didn’t have enough evidence to do anything to them. I hope karma gets them in a big way."


    Police lights

    17. "In our last apartment, the people above us had about seven people living in their two-bed, two-bath unit. For some reason, they used a hot plate with burning oil outside on their patio to cook. Their patio was made of wooden slats, so all that oil would drip down onto our patio and into our air conditioner, which broke a few times because they let their hot oil overflow. Luckily, it never dripped directly onto us. I complained a lot, but when the building tried to charge us for the third air conditioner repair, I had enough. I finally videoed them cooking from that stinking, hot, oily cesspool, showed it to the manager, and she waived the charges and told them to stop. They didn't stop for the remaining time we were there, but I heard from the tenant that moved into our unit after us that they got evicted because they started an oil fire. OH GEE, they didn't think that was ever going to happen??"


    18. "Since this girl moved into the apartment below mine, my life has been a living hell. There is a continuous weed smell from her apartment, and she and her boyfriend have ridiculous fights for hours on end at least a few times a week (which are heard by my coworkers while I’m on work calls). I am constantly berated through her ceiling/my floor anytime I make even the tiniest bit of noise. Vacuuming? Forget about it. Drop a plastic cup? She screams that she’s going to beat my ass. She used to come to my door to scream in my face, but she’s since been told by the management company to stop. I’m legitimately afraid she will try to fight me in the stairwell. I can also hear her harassing the other neighbors next to and below her.

    "The girl who used to live below her decided to move to another unit because of it. I’m super conscientious and have a lot of anxiety related to being an inconvenience to others, so I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid confrontation. I’ve bought thick foam slippers, reduced my vacuuming to once a week, bought a small, hand-held vacuum instead of using my expensive Roomba, I don’t have people over, I watch to see if she’s home before I do anything even slightly noisy, etc. I have repeated panic attacks and am always on edge in my own home because of it, and the management company won’t do anything about it because she’s threatened to sue them for discrimination. I’ve lived in apartments for 12 years without a single complaint from anyone. I know I’m not doing anything to deserve that kind of reaction."


    someone wearing slippers

    19. "I lived below a guy in his late 40s who was quiet and easygoing when he was there alone, but his annoying family was there at least half the time. Unfortunately, we shared a staircase, and they had to go by our door to get to his. The easiest to deal with was his sister, who would knock on our door and ask to use our phone, bum a cigarette (neither of us smoke), or to get a glass of water. It was always something. We'd politely remind her that her brother lived just up the stairs, so she should ask him for the things she needed. Far worse were his two brothers. One of them would show up at all hours and ring our doorbell to let him in if our neighbor wasn't home. Once, he rang it about 10 times in the middle of the night, and when I went to the window to yell at him to go away, he had the police with him, who asked us to let him up. I just wanted to sleep, so I opened the door.

    "After that, we disabled our own doorbell and just asked our guests to call us when they arrived and warned them to watch out for anyone sketchy who tried to enter after them. The other brother would show up whenever he felt like it, open all the windows, and watch TV or listen to music at top volume for hours. Whenever all the siblings were together, they would get drunk and scream at each other and sometimes knock furniture over (also with the windows and doors open). Any attempt to ask them to be quiet or at least shut the windows would result in horrible insults shouted at you. In the mornings after the chaos, our neighbor would be terribly apologetic and promise his family wouldn't come around anymore, and of course, they'd be back the next week. The neighbor worked for the landlord, so not much was done about him. We got out of there as soon as we could."


    20. "My family had a terrible neighbor who was very territorial. My dad was setting up our sprinkler in the corner of the yard right next to hers. She came storming out screaming at my dad because he was standing in her lawn to set up the sprinkler. Then, she sat on her back deck watching the water to make sure it didn’t touch her lawn. Another time, she came over yelling because we were sitting in our yard in the shade that her tree was producing. She went as far as getting an arborist to cut her tree so there wouldn’t be any shade in our yard. The arborist warned her that the tree would die because it would be lopsided, and sure enough, it did."


    An arborist cutting a tree

    21. "I recently bought my first home as a single, independent woman and have learned that my neighbor doesn't think a woman can do anything on her own. He is constantly telling me all the things I do wrong. He accuses me of mowing my lawn at the wrong angle and will measure the grass between our fence lines so he can come and tell me that my grass is uneven. I have caught him multiple times on my video camera coming into my yard to fix things that 'a woman wouldn't understand.' It's gotten so bad that his grown son has come over to apologize for his actions, but his dad is still on me every day and is making me want to sell what I thought was my first dream home."


    22. "I once had a neighbor shoot out the driver's side window of my car with a BB gun for no reason. I had never interacted with the dude before."


    A cracked window

    23. "I once had a neighbor who would come sit on my patio while drunk. He also kept asking if my wife would be interested in a threesome. On more than one occasion, I woke up to find him passed out on my patio. One day, he came home drunk and found that his wife had locked him out. He tried to kick the door in, causing damage. His wife called me for help. While fixing the damage for her, he returned and started punching me for messing with his wife. My wife called 911, and he fled. Police issued a warrant for him. I never saw him again."


    24. "We recently moved, and our neighbors are a group of younger guys. There's no fence between our townhomes. They've only mowed their lawn once this summer. One of them had an outdoor cat who constantly shit on our (much better kept) lawn. They have parties regularly, which fortunately aren't too loud, but their empties just get thrown on the grass. They frequently end up on our side, and I have a 6-year-old who I don't really want playing with shotgunned beer cans. I always have to go out and either pick them up myself, or if I'm feeling extra petty, I'll kick them back on to their lawn. I'd love to have a fence, but since we are only renting, we can't really do anything about it."


    A beer can

    25. "At my last house, I didn't have any close neighbors, but there was a large property across the street. I could just barely see the roof of the guy's house over the hill. Never met him. He was one of the sons of a family that owns a famous beer company, so he had tons of money and didn't need to work. This. Freaking. Guy. He would get up in the middle of the night and run heavy, loud equipment, just to move piles of dirt around for fun. At 2:00 a.m.! I'd have work in the morning but would spend all night listening to an excavator. Or, in the winter, he'd ride a snowmobile around his property in the middle of the night. Also, he kept guinea hens. I shouldn't say 'kept' because he didn't actually *keep* them anywhere. They roamed around all over the area, hanging out on the road and blocking traffic, or screeching in my yard first thing in the morning. If you're unfamiliar with the sound guinea hens make, you're fortunate."


    26. "My nightmare neighbor built his house on an empty lot behind a row of homes and next to mine. After dumping truckload after truckload of dirt, he built it much higher than the lot had been, without the proper permits, of course. The next spring, we had record rainfalls, and it flooded the basements of all of the homes around him, including ours. He had not made any accommodations for stormwater runoff. All of us had to make expensive changes to our own properties to redirect water because of his stupidity. And he was really surprised that none of the neighbors like him!"


    someone getting a wet box out of a flooded area

    27. "The neighbors below me had very loud sex. I left them a note in their mailbox indicating that I could hear everything and asked them to keep it down. However, they then chose to yell MY NAME while going at it, having learned it from the note. It was really freaking uncomfortable. They have since moved out. I don't think they were anyone's favorite neighbors."


    28. "We live in a condo building in an urban area. In late March 2020, just into the COVID lockdown, our neighbor bought a drum set so that he could play along to Nickelback songs."


    Someone playing drums

    29. "When I was in a condo, I was in an association with the other condo owner for shared expenses. He was in charge of the condo bank account and wouldn’t let me have access to it. Turned out he wasn’t putting his share of condo expenses in the account and was misappropriating funds that I would deposit. Some past-due bills ended up in my mailbox, so after some digging, I ended up having to lawyer up and sue the guy. It was an easy case to win, and luckily, the guy paid up, and I was able to sell the condo shortly afterwards for someone else to deal with him."


    30. "During the height of the pandemic, while everyone was in lockdown, my upstairs neighbor decided to remodel their entire apartment. This process took about six months to complete. Now, I can hear every little noise coming from their unit because they installed wood flooring without the proper insulation. Every single noise can be heard — from the scratching noise when they move their desk chair to the creaky hinges on their closet door. I even hear the percussion from the footsteps of their 5-year-old daughter. What was once a peaceful place is now a living nightmare. The lack of insulation is so bad that I can hear their iPhone ring when they receive phone calls, and I can also hear their phone alarm early in the morning."


    A woman with a remote in one hand and her other hand raised toward the ceiling

    31. "20+ years ago, I lived in an apartment complex. The walls were well insulated, but the floors were not at all. I could hear light switches being flipped in the apartment below me. It was fine for a while, then some guy moved in, and it was obviously his first place away from his parents. He bought a big stereo and seemingly only ONE CD of some metal band that he played nonstop on repeat when he was home. I asked him to turn it down, but he ignored me. My roomie asked him to keep it down, but he ignored him, too. I reported his noise, which ran until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. each day, to the apartment manager a few times and the police twice. Eventually, I started going to the power boxes and turning his main switch off when he held parties in the winter.

    "Finally, he was evicted after about four months of this. He bitched and moaned about how he lost his deposit and how we called the police on him 37 times, to which I pointed out we had only called them twice, so his other neighbors called in the other 35 reports. Screw him."


    32. "I will never live in an apartment again if I can possibly help it. In the last place I lived, this neighbor would bang on the wall with a hammer if I so much as turned over in bed. I moved out, and I later heard that the person who moved in after me had bed bugs, and they spread all over the apartment building. I bet the bedbugs annoyed Mr. Hammerbanger a lot more than I ever did!"


    Someone holding a hammer

    33. "For 12 years, we lived in a quiet, rural area. Two years before we left, a new person moved into the house next door that once belonged to an elderly woman. He was a younger, single guy. I have two daughters that shared a room that faced his house. After about a week, we noticed that he installed bright lights in his backyard that shined directly into my daughters' room. So, we got light-blocking shades — no big deal. But then, the parties started. They would begin around midnight and continue all throughout the night until about 6:00 a.m. My husband would have to get up for work at 3:00 a.m., and we just couldn't sleep. The music he blasted would shake our windows, and there would always be yelling and screaming. Sometimes, fights broke out. No matter what we did or said, he wouldn't stop.

    "It only got worse. We ended up leaving as soon as possible. We found out recently that he built a 'stage' in his yard, and he and his buddies play guitar and sing all night now."


    34. "Before we bought our house, my husband and I lived in an apartment for two years. Six months before we left, a woman moved in two units down. Our front doors open onto a large, elevated (second floor) outdoor deck, and this woman was too lazy to take her dog down the stairs, so she would just let it out on the deck and not clean up after it. I was constantly walking past its shit with my own dog. We also didn't have assigned parking at this building, so if the main side was full, you had to park on the other side. Not a big deal — it was only, at most, 200 feet away. This woman could not be bothered. She put a sign in front of one of the spots stating that it was reserved. When I once parked in said spot, she threatened to have my car towed and said that management was behind her. I contacted the manager and verified that she was full of shit. They made her get rid of the sign. After that, I deliberately went out of my way to park in 'her spot.'

    "Instead of parking on the other side of the building or even on the street, she would park in a spot that specifically said 'no parking' and got pissed at me that she was getting tickets. Another neighbor actually worked with her and confirmed she's absolutely bonkers."


    A "No parking" sign

    35. "I live with flatmates, so I have my own bedroom, but we share a kitchen and bathroom. When I moved in, the first thing one of the men told me was he hated noise and had moved from place to place due to it. He could hear a fork drop from two stories above. I couldn't move around or take calls or work from home (during the pandemic) because he claimed he could hear every word I said. I once was on a call with my friend for half an hour at 3:00 p.m. on a Sunday, talking as quietly as I could with my windows shut, and he started screaming through the ceiling that he would call the police on me. He would not put rugs down or wear earplugs or do anything to help himself. He would stomp and shout and bang if he felt we made too much noise."


    36. Finally: "From Thursday night to early Monday morning, I'm surrounded (on all sides) by people who blast music. Upstairs, downstairs, next door, and in the courtyard below my window. It gets so loud that things around my house vibrate. I hate these people."


    Have you ever had a terrible neighbor who made you want to pick up and move across the country?? Tell us your story in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.