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We've All Been There...So I'm Dying To Hear About The Worst Neighbor You've Ever Had

I swear my upstairs neighbors tap dance every night before bed.

Let's face it — it's a universal experience to have at least one terrible neighbor in your lifetime. Like, does anyone actually like their neighbors?

Maybe you live below a rowdy family who has frequent dance parties in their living room and lets their children scream all hours of the day and night, despite multiple complaints from building management. You went upstairs to politely tell them their noise was disruptive and made it hard for you to work from home, and they slammed the door in your face. Now, as retaliation, they purposefully stomp and drop heavy objects on the ground to tick you off.

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Or perhaps you moved into a new house only to discover you moved next door to the neighborhood busybody. She sits by her window watching your every move and has made it her personal mission to get you in trouble with the HOA. She reported you for setting up a basketball hoop, putting up Christmas lights, and for letting your daughter go door-to-door selling Girl Scout cookies.

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Or maybe you lived a real-life horror story when cops suddenly flooded your block and took your neighbor away in handcuffs. You later learned he had been living under a fake name and was actually wanted for murdering three people and burning down an ex's house.

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Sooo, what's your neighbor horror story? Do you have a neighbor who belts show tunes for exactly three hours every morning, or a neighbor who always lets their dog poop in the middle of your yard? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.