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    26 People Who Received Some Shockingly Clear Signs From The Universe

    I think the universe is trying to tell us something.

    The world works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, when you're in need of guidance the most, the universe is there to throw a sign your way. The sign may be big or small. Either way, it can often be enough for people to find solace or make a decision.

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about a time they received some sort of sign from the universe. The responses were heartwarming, chilling, and truly fascinating. Here are some of the wildest signs that people received:

    1. "I don’t believe in signs, but my date did. We went out to a Caribbean restaurant for lunch and had such a great time that we decided to meet up later for dinner and drinks. Since we really hit it off earlier in the day, I wanted to look nice, so I decided to wear heels for the evening date. I am CLUMSY. I fell three times and ended up scraping my knee pretty bad. I figured it was just a scrape and no big deal. Well, later on we went back to my apartment and my date took a closer look at my knee. The scrape was, I swear to God, in the shape of a heart! My date was Caribbean and was very spiritual. He typically avoided going out on a full moon, except if he had to for work. Our date fell on a full BLOOD moon (which to him is even worse luck), but he'd completely forgotten and was too caught up in the date to notice! He stayed over that night and kind of never left!"

    "This was a little over five years ago, and we just got married last month. He said that he knew from that first night I was the one for him and that the universe was literally slapping him in the face with all these signs to make sure he saw it."


    2. "I never say, 'I love you' — not to family, not to partners, and not to friends. One afternoon, I was home with my parents and my aunt. My aunt said, 'I'll see you tomorrow morning,' and I felt the urge to get up, hug her, and tell her I loved her, and so I did it. She died that night. I'm so glad 'I love you' was the last thing I told her."

    3. "Back in 2018, I realized I might be trans. Twenty days later, I was in the middle of a HUGE identity crisis and on my way to meet with some internet friends for the first time after coming out to them. I was listening to my 'daily mix' on Spotify, which just gives you random songs you might like, and suddenly it played 'The Village' by Wrabel, which is about a trans guy from an unaccepting family like my own. I'd never heard that song before, and I just started to cry tears of relief because I knew it was a sign. Three years later: I'm out as a trans man, I've spent two years on HRT, and I'm happier than I ever thought possible."


    4. "My mom, who was perfectly healthy, flew to visit me at school for a show. During the flight, she watched the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie, which she had watched the night before with my brother. As soon as she landed, she knew something was wrong, so we went to the hospital. She went into septic shock and then a coma. Every morning as my brother, dad, and I drove to the hospital that week she was in the coma, a different Queen song played on the radio and ended as soon as we'd arrive. It was the wildest sign, and we all knew she would be OK. I feel like Freddie Mercury was giving us a lifeline."

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    5. "When I was 23, I visited my aunt in California, who I rarely saw, and she mentioned she had a spare room that I could have if I ever wanted to move to California. I humored her, but my entire life was in Arizona — my family, my friends, my relationship, etc. A month later, I found out my partner (who I lived with) was cheating on me, and that all our friends knew about it. I was devastated and humiliated — ready to pack my stuff and go. Then, I remembered my aunt and her spare room. I called her that night at 2 a.m. and made my plans. I moved to California by myself and never looked back. It’s been almost nine years now, and it was the BEST decision I ever made. I went back to college, started going to therapy, met my partner (over seven years together), and I’ve never been happier. It still hurts to think about, but if it hadn’t happened, I never would’ve had the courage to leave Arizona."


    6. "I worked as a physician assistant, and unbeknownst to me, my boss was selling prescription drugs on the side with an unknown partner. One day, I was headed to work, and I hurt my knee going up some stairs. It turned out to be a torn ligament, which seemed odd because I was young and had barely twisted it. I had to quit my job because his office and home were only accessible through stairs. Two days later, his partner was arrested for a different crime and threw my boss under the bus, leading to his arrest as well. If I had still been working for him, I could've also been arrested without even knowing about his operation. I always felt like my leg injury was lucky, and perhaps it was my mother's ghost who tore my ligament to save my ass!"

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    7. "We were out in East London for my friend's birthday. We were done with dinner and heading to the tube station to go to London bridge, but my friend really had to pee. We stopped at a pub and had a few drinks while we were there. About 30 minutes later, we were watching the live news reports of stabbings and a car driving into people. This was the 2017 London Bridge attack. Because of her bladder, we escaped that horror."


    8. "Every time I tell myself, 'I haven’t heard from Mom in awhile,' I’ll wake in the morning to hear an owl hooting. That was her favorite animal and what I associate with her spirit. She passed away three years ago, and it’s how I call upon her now."

    9. "My husband, some friends, and I were going out of town for a long weekend. Our friends took their own car, and my husband and I took ours. As I was driving, I started getting this really bad feeling — something felt REALLY off. I drove relatively slowly because I felt like something was wrong. Sure enough, a loud explosion rocked our car just a few dozen feet from the exit for the highway. My tire had exploded. No one was hurt, and no other cars happened to be near us. Because we were driving slower, we were able to pull over and replace the tire with a spare. Had we gotten onto the highway at 65-plus mph, who knows how bad it could’ve been."


    10. "My mom finally caved and decided we could get a family dog. My dad kept telling my sister and me that when he picked out his childhood dog named Rusty, Rusty couldn't have cared less that they were there and slept through the whole experience. When we went to the rescue mission to pick our dog, we saw a puppy fast asleep in the corner, so we knew that was our guy! His temporary rescue mission name was Rusty. We took it as a sign and renamed him RJ for Rusty Junior. The BEST dog."

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    11. "My uncle had been very ill, and I knew he was likely going to pass away soon. He was not coherent or awake much anymore. He lived several hours away, but one day I got off work and spontaneously decided to drive up and visit him in the hospital, even though he wouldn't know I was there. I walked into his room, and he was sitting up watching a baseball game! I was stunned. I got to visit with him and tell him I loved him. The following day, he went into a coma and died a week later. Something told me to go see him that day, and I am so glad I listened."


    12. "Because of my mom's nickname for my dad, after he unexpectedly passed away, she started buying lots of turtle collectibles so it felt like he was still with us. Over the years, whenever something big would happen, I would see turtles and tortoises randomly crossing the street. When I would go back to try and find them, they'd always be gone. This would be more normal if I lived near the coast or other bodies of water, but this keeps happening in the middle of large city in Texas. When my now-husband and I put in an offer for our house (and were not the highest bidders), I was on edge while driving back to our apartment. Suddenly, I saw a turtle walking down the sidewalk in the opposite direction. My husband also saw the turtle, and when we went back to try and find it again, it was gone. When I applied for a job and felt like I'd nailed the interview, I saw a tortoise as I was leaving my neighborhood. I took it as a sign to go home and wait by the phone."

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    "Within two hours, I received a call that I had gotten the job. That position has turned into a career for me. It's been 16 years since he passed, and I know that my dad is still looking out for us."


    13. "A couple of years ago, I had a super vivid dream that one of my best friends had died. The dream was terrifyingly realistic — from his dad calling me, to attending the funeral, to crying on my friends' shoulders. I had trouble shaking the feeling of grief all day. At the time, this friend and I worked across the street from each other, but rarely ran into one another because of our schedules. The day I woke up from that awful dream, I saw him on the street between our buildings completely at random. He said hi and waved at me in passing, but I felt like the universe wanted me to be extra sure that my friend was OK."


    14. "My mom was going to move down south to North Carolina, but she was hesitant. Then, the house she was going to buy was destroyed by a hurricane, which we took as a pretty strong sign that she should stay up here."

    15. "I just had to put my dog down last week and was absolutely heartbroken. He had been my furry sidekick for almost 14 years. Several times a week, we would walk to our local coffee shop. I'd have an iced coffee, and we would split a mini pastry (how could I say no to his little face?). The first walk I did to the coffee shop without him, I was tearing up the whole time. I bought my coffee, and the total was $5.83. On the walk back, I found $6 on the ground, and there was a letter B on the $1 bill. His name was Bo. I know he was making sure I knew he was still on that walk with me."


    16. "Last year, I kept getting déjà vu every single day leading up to me meeting my now-fiancé. When we finally talked to each other, it stopped completely. I'm convinced the universe was telling me that I was going to meet him soon."

    17. "Before my grandma passed in June, I was on lunch break at school when my great-aunt called. She told me she had just had the nicest conversation with my grandma, and she was contemplating whether or not to come visit her in the hospital now or wait. I told her to come down that night and told her she could stay at our house. I knew something was up because I hadn't felt well all day, so I was nervous maybe it was a sign. She and her husband made the four-hour trip down, and she spent the night and following morning with my grandma. The day after she drove down, I felt exceptionally gross, so I felt like my grandma was going to pass soon. I FaceTimed her for my hour lunch, and I'm so happy I did. Four hours after our call, she passed. I'm very glad that I received signs from the universe because otherwise, I had tests all day and wouldn't have called her."


    18. "On the morning of my wedding, it was raining. We had a simple wedding in our yard under a tent, and the ceremony was supposed to happen at noon. It was looking like it wasn’t going to clear up, so we set up for rain. But I told them if it wasn't raining at 11:30, I wanted to switch back to the way we planned on it originally. Sure enough, 11:30 rolled around and it quit raining. The rain held off until about five minutes after the ceremony ended. We were taking pictures under the tent when it started to downpour. Leading up to the wedding, there were a few small instances when I told my husband that the universe definitely had our backs, so having the rain stop long enough for the ceremony felt like a very good sign."

    19. "I've been seeing a lot of storks lately — like, a ridiculous amount of storks. I drive a lot for work, and in my family's spare time, we drive through a lot of different areas too. Every day, I see storks. Not just one, but like 20 or 30 sitting together in a field. Typically, I'd see maybe five a year, but in the last two weeks, I've seen more than a hundred. We've been contemplating if we want to try for another baby. Apparently the universe is screaming, 'YES!'"


    20. "Literally this article coming up on my feed feels like a sign. Yesterday, I asked for a sign that the universe gives signs at all."

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    21. "My mom and I have been wanting to go down to New Orleans since early 2019. We originally planned to do the trip for my birthday that autumn, but had to push plans back to the following spring. We decided to do it during spring break, but something in my gut told me to hold off. I made up an excuse about not having enough cash saved up in mid-February, so we pushed back our plans again. Spring Break came, and so did COVID-19. I honestly believe we both would've gotten infected had I not listened to my gut. Thankfully, neither of us have ever tested positive, and we're both vaccinated now. We're discussing rescheduling for autumn 2022 if the US can get the various variants under control."


    22. "My cousin was trying to decide if she wanted to try out for college cheer for another year. During her tryout, she broke her leg. IT WAS A SIGN."

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    23. "My nephew was killed when he was only 18 years old. He was very loved. A few days after it happened, I pulled up to my sister's (his mother) apartment to comfort her and help her prepare for the funeral. I sat in the car trying to pull myself together so I could be strong for her. I asked God for strength, and a few seconds later, I heard a woman yell my nephew’s name, which was uncommon. 'Diamanté, keep your family safe and together!' I looked up in shock and saw a kid about 10–12 years old holding hands with his two little sisters and walking them to the park across the street. I just knew it was him showing us he was there to get us through his loss. I was able to pull myself together and be there for my sister when she needed me the most."


    24. "I’m going through a rough patch with my situationship because I’m so in my own head and can't stop overthinking things. One night at work, I asked for two signs to let me know everything would work out. I asked for a lime green car and the number 92. Driving home from work in the morning, lo and behold, I saw a lime green car in front of me and the number 92 on a passing sign. I burst into tears."

    25. "I was graduating from university and thinking of attending medical school, taking on our family business, or getting a master's degree. I was really confused, but deep down I wanted to do medicine, even though I was scared because of how challenging it can be. I kept asking for a sign. One day, I was sitting in the hallway when suddenly an old classmate of mine hugged me and gave me a bookmark. The bookmark had a Bible passage that said, 'The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.' It was a clear sign, and it erased all my doubts. Presently, I'm in my third year of medical school."


    26. Finally: "When I was 20, I spent less than 48 hours in Munich during a study abroad. When I left the city, I had an unshakeable feeling that I needed to go back for something important. Years went by, but the feeling didn't go away. Four years later, I went back and wound up meeting my husband. We've now been married six years."

    Do you think the universe has ever tried to send you some sort of sign or message? Did you listen? Tell us your story in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.