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    People Are Revealing The Reasons They Judge Others, And Honestly, Some Excellent Points Were Made

    Looking at you, people who don't use their turn signal. πŸ‘€

    Let's face it β€” no matter how "good" of a person you are, I bet you still silently judge other people all the time.

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    Well, Reddit user u/supercoliofy boldly asked members of the Reddit community to share the reasons why they silently judge people. Let's just say some excellent points were made. Here are the best responses:

    1. "I judge anyone who adopts a 'whatever' policy to being late. I freak out when I'm late for something, and it absolutely blows my mind when people just don't care."

    Woman saying "Sorry I'm late"

    2. "I immediately judge you if you make fun of someone who's trying."

    People dancing and a man telling someone, "you don't need to be such a dick about it"


    3. "I judge people based on their parking. If you can't get within the lines the first time, it's okay to adjust."

    angry man driving and yelling at another car
    Brazzo / Getty Images


    4. "I'm not always silent about it, but I judge people at my local supermarket who refuse to return their shopping carts and leave them where they could roll into someone's car."

    Lone shopping cart in a parking lot
    Charles Gullung / Getty Images


    5. "I can't stand people who piss on the toilet seat and don't clean it."

    Alexis Rose saying "ew"
    Pop TV


    6. "Littering. It hurts to watch. I don't see how people can litter."

    April Ludgate angrily holding scissors like she wants to stab someone

    7. "People who don't tip waitstaff."

    Upset bill hader saying "oh come on"


    8. "I judge people who constantly complain about their S.O. when they're not around. Why can't they just admit that they actually really like the person they are choosing to date?"

    Gina Linetti rolling her eyes


    9. "I can't stand people who don't pick up their dog's shit! You're a scumbag!"

    sign for people to pick up their dog's poop
    Akchamczuk / Getty Images


    10. "I judge people who have no knowledge of a certain topic, but still try to argue with the person who actually knows what they're talking about."

    Gordon Ramsey facepalming


    11. "I judge people for being involved in a multilevel marketing business (MLM). It's not that I don't appreciate people trying to better themselves; it's just that I assume they're stupid for getting involved in the first place."


    12. "I judge people who bring children to situations that are not appropriate for children."

    Ron Swanson and his office destroyed by two little girls

    13. "People who talk really loudly on the phone in quiet public places."

    Daly And Newton / Getty Images

    14. "I judge people who have no awareness of their surroundings when they're out in public. It doesn't cost anything to wait your turn in a queue, hold a door open for someone, use your turn signal, or make room for others walking on the pavement. It's so selfish, it drives me mad just thinking about it."

    Ann Perkins yelling "Offense! that's rude!"


    15. "I'll judge you for not wearing shoes in public. That shit is gross. Put your shoes on."

    Ghislain & Marie David De Lossy / Getty Images


    16. "Not using a turn signal when driving. It's not that hard, and it's pretty arrogant not to use one."

    Car's turn signal
    Birdlkportfolio / Getty Images

    17. "There's nothing I dislike more than when a husband feels like he has to act like his wife's authority while other people are around. I hate gender roles in relationships."

    Joey Tribbiani saying "dude, chill"


    18. "I judge people who shut down those asking questions and trying to learn more."

    Seth Myers saying "i have a lot of questions"

    19. "I judge people who cross the street diagonally."

    Woman texting and crossing the street
    Petri Oeschger / Getty Images

    20. "Constantly posting condescending political rants on Facebook."

    Amy from Big Bang Theory yelling "you shut your damn mouth"

    21. "I judge people based on what they name their children. That human being has to walk around with that label for 80 years!"

    Elon Musk saying his kid's name

    22. "I judge people who have their phones out in a damn movie theater. We all paid the same price. I don't care if you don't want to get your money's worth β€” I do. I am going to yell at you, and if you don't put your phone away, I'll throw popcorn at you until you do."

    woman on her phone in a movie theater
    Photoalto / Getty Images


    23. "People walking toward you that don't put equal effort into avoiding collision. I'll move a bit, but you should do the same. You expect me to walk around you?"

    Woman saying "move out of the way"
    Pop TV


    24. "I judge people for not washing their hands after using the bathroom."


    25. "I judge people who start eating something in their cart while they are still grocery shopping."

    Regina George rolling her eyes
    Paramount Pictures

    26. "People who chew with their mouths open."

    Woman eating a chicken leg
    Catherine Mcqueen / Getty Images


    27. Finally: "I judge people who complain about politics, but choose not to vote."

    Cece facepalming


    What's a reason you silently judge others? Tell us in the comments! Don't worry, we won't judge you. πŸ‘€

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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