32 People Who Must Be Cursed Because They Have The Worst Luck Ever


    You might be having a rough day, week, month, or even year. I get it. But, if it's any comfort to you, here are the sucky things that are happening to other people as we speak:

    1. This note that makes me want to scream:

    2. This poorly placed print:

    3. This glass catastrophe: 

    4. This dark disaster:

    5. This cruel coincidence: 

    6. This crooked cut:

    7. This lost luggage: 

    8. This trespassing tree:

    9. This sticky situation: 

    10. This chip flip:

    11. This bold biter:

    12. This imperfect puzzle: 

    13. This box that was NOT handled with care: 

    14. This ruined ramen:

    15. This meta mug:

    16. This sad sandwich surprise: 

    17. This painful paint job: 

    18. This rip-off: 

    19. This bursting blueberry: 

    20. This terrible tip:

    21. This crunchy surprise: 

    22. This stain that's a pain:

    23. This crispy pizza: 

    24. This handle scandal:

    25. This takeout tragedy: 

    26. This dilemma: 

    27. This miserable mess: 

    28. This cham-PAIN in the ass: 

    29. This spicy sandwich:

    30. This microwave mishap: 

    31. These splitting bananas: 

    32. Finally, this shitty timing:

    Shoutout to r/Wellthatsucks for making me feel a little better about my crappy day!