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People Are Sharing The Weirdest Things They've Caught Their Roommates Doing, And OMG, I Want To Live Alone Forever

"He washed his clothes in our toilet."

Living with other people can be really tough. While everyone has their own habits and quirks, some people just don't know how to live with others.

Reddit user u/Atlas2A1 posed the question, "What's the weirdest thing you've caught a roommate doing?" and oh sweet lord, the replies did NOT disappoint. Here are some of the wildest I stumbled upon:

1. "I once walked out of my room and found my roommate lying on the kitchen floor. I asked if he was alright because I thought he might've slipped or something. He said no, and that he just wanted to get himself dirty before getting into the shower. He then proceeded to make floor angels and lay there for another good 15 minutes or so."

Wide-eyed woman looking shocked and annoyed

2. "I caught my roommate pouring a giant pot of beans into the toilet."

Gasping and confused man

3. "I saw my roommate snacking on frozen, uncooked french fries."

Cringing Cardi B

4. "My roommate and I watched in horror as our third (new) roommate washed his clothes in our toilet. He was reassigned a few days later to a different dorm with no explanation."

Disgusted man gagging

5. "I caught my roommate standing completely naked in the kitchen washing her hair (with my shampoo) in the sink, which was already packed full with dirty dishes. We had two showers and four bathroom sinks in our apartment — none of which were in use."

6. "One of my roommates clogged our toilet and scooped her shit out with a red Solo cup, and then left it in the trash can in the bathroom. How hard is it to use a plunger?"

7. "I came home from work early and found my roommate in just his tighty-whities and motorcycle helmet playing a racing game."

Gasping woman

8. "I walked in on my roommate stuffing condoms and Taco Bell hot sauce into a piñata."

Surprised woman

9. "I came out of my room around 1 a.m. to go to the bathroom and heard a weird rustling in the kitchen. I turned the corner and found my roommate sleeping in our sink."

Shocked man with his hand on his chest

10. "I walked in on my roommate’s girlfriend shaving his ass for him. That image is etched in my mind forever."

Woman who is very taken aback

11. "My roommate was too lazy to take the trash out to the dumpster, so they would just put the full bags of garbage in the outdoor storage closet on our balcony. I had no idea until one day we were cleaning and they said, ‘We have to take the other trash out too.’ There were at least 20 full bags of trash in there."

Screaming man

12. "I caught my roommate drying his balls in the kitchen with my hair dryer."

Man scrunching his face in disgust

13. "I caught my roommate licking the plates clean and then putting them back in the cupboard. But, he knew there was dish soap, because whenever I would need to do dishes, the soap would be on his nightstand. I still don't want to know what he used it for."

Horrified woman

14. "My roommate would occasionally sleep in the fetal position, but upright, on his knees, while snoring loudly. We called him 'the snail' throughout high school."

15. "I caught my roommate collecting his own pubic hair. Another roommate and I found gallon-sized Ziploc bags in our bathroom. When we confronted him about it, he casually admitted he collects it."

Disgusted man yelling

16. "I caught my roommate soaking his dirty socks and underwear in the kitchen sink."

Man with wide eyes and nervous energy

17. "My roommate went to take a shit, saw there was no toilet paper, and decided to shit in the sink so he could clean his ass out. I heard him splashing water everywhere and saw what happened. The sink was literally stained."

18. And: "I caught my roommate eating deodorant."

Grossed out woman

What's the wildest thing you've ever caught one of your roommates doing? Drop your story in the comments below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.