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    I Started My 2022 Off By Trying Out Some New Food And Drinks — Here's How They Stacked Up

    New year, new flavors!

    Heyyy beautiful people! My name's Hannah, and I love sampling, creating, and reviewing all things food and drink. Yeah, I'm the gal always sampling new alcohol releases. I also really love a good plate of food.

    a woman with a cocktail, then a bowl of pasta, then a pretzel with beer cheese, then a woman with a hard seltzer can

    Since I'm always on the prowl for new things to try, I figured I'd bring you along with me for the ride! As you're about to see, I had a busy January. Here are some of the food and drink products (new, and new to me) that I tried!

    1. Platterful

    platterful box with an arrow revealing the contents of the kit

    It came with a list of everything included, and a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect platter!

    a list of ingredients and an instruction guide on how to make a charcuterie board

    Anddd, here's the finished product! Isn't she a beauty? I opted to include my own box of crackers to give it some variety, and I kept the chocolate off the board so it didn't mingle with any salami juices. But otherwise, here she is!

    a charcuterie board

    2. Spritz Society Canned Cocktails

    four cans of fruity cocktails

    Blood Orange

    canned cocktail next to a woman holding it and smiling


    canned cocktail next to a woman holding it and smiling


    canned cocktail next to a woman sipping it


    canned cocktail next to a woman holding it and smiling

    3. MALK

    bottle of vanilla oat milk

    Nut milk and oat milk are HOT commodities right now. I love ordering a chai tea latte from a coffee shop with almond or oat milk, but when I try to recreate it at home, it just tastes flat and watery. Welllll, MALK has finally convinced me.

    a mug filled with hot cooca

    4. Home Chef

    two recipes, one for quesadillas and one for sliders

    Here are the ingredients (meat kept separately) divided and portioned out — nice and easy for organization and storage!

    outstretched hand holding bags of ingredients

    The harsh realities of cooking in a tiny kitchen! This is about all the space I have, so I'm glad I chose fairly easy recipes. Anything more complex would've been a headache, simply because I do not have the space to put things or carry out additional steps.

    a crowded kitchen counter and patties on a stove cooking

    Voilà! Both meals turned out great. The portions were spot-on. Since the recipes were for two servings, I was able to get two meals out of each with no food waste. So, while there may feel like an excessive amount of trash (wrappers and what not), there's a perfect amount of food for one person to get two meals per recipe! Obviously this would work great for a couple cooking together too (but let's just say that doesn't apply to me right now 🥲).

    plate of quesadillas and a plate of sliders

    5. Buenavida Hard Seltzer from Stone Brewing

    four glass bottles of hard seltzer

    Black Cherry

    a glass bottle of hard seltzer by a woman tasting it


    Watermelon Lime

    glass bottle of hard seltzer next to a woman holding it


    glass bottle of hard seltzer next to a woman holding it

    6. Kit Kat Chocolate Hazelnut Thins and Strawberry + Chocolate Duos

    three Kitkat duo bars and a bar of kitkat thins

    Strawberry + Chocolate Kit Kat Duos

    a wrapped KitKat next to it unwrapped

    Chocolate Hazelnut Kit Kat Thins

    woman holding a bag of kitkat thins, next to the open bag filled with the candy

    7. Brother's Bond Bourbon

    bottle of bourbon

    Ohhh yeah, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, who played Damon and Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, created a bourbon! Though they aren't brothers in real life, their time as TV brothers left them feeling bonded as such. Hence, the birth of Brother's Bond. 😍

    I didn't have any fancy ingredients lying around to make this a true cocktail, so I sipped the bourbon straight up (over ice), and mixed it with ginger ale. And damn, it really packs a punch!

    woman taking a drink

    8. Momofuku Chili Crunch

    hand holding a jar of chili oil

    Interestingly enough, the chili oil reviews raved about putting it on eggs and baked brie, so that's exactly what I did. Plus, I figured eggs and cheese were mild and creamy enough to help cut some of the heat, while retaining the oil's rich flavor.

    9. Bud Light Next

    can of bud light next

    So here's the deal: It tastes like a beer-flavored hard seltzer. It's lighhht. It's definitely pushing the boundaries of what I would consider beer.

    woman smiling with a can of bud light next with the text "eager to try," then a woman sipping the drink with the text "puzzled"

    There ya have it! Though I didn't fall in love with everything I tried, I did find some products that reallyyy got me excited (charcuterie board/baked brie/canned cocktail night coming soon). Do you see something you'd like to try? Or, have you tried something on this list already? Tell me about it in the comments!