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    27 People Who Are Blissfully Unaware Of Their Own Entitlement

    "Ideally, y'all will donate upwards of $30,000 so I can spend a month traveling, bar-hopping, and swinging in Europe."

    1. This rude recruiter:

    Text exchange

    2. This picky parent:

    3. This "happy-go-lucky" roommate with no money and four large dogs:

    4. This wedding from hell:

    5. This Bumble match just looking for cash:

    6. This person who thinks exposure = payment:

    7. This big sister who is NOT a big spender: 

    8. This miserly momma: 

    9. This person, who, let me get this straight, wants someone to write a book for them for no credit?:

    10. This person who thinks professionals should "work for experience":

    11. This full-time nanny job that won't even pay minimum wage:

    12. This person who apparently can get a better deal anyway:

    13. This greedy gamer: 

    14. This bed bug–obsessed beggar:

    15. This person who wants to have their cake and eat it too:

    16. This person who forgot about their sick rabbit until just now:

    17. This person who clearly doesn't know what "normal stuff" actually means:

    18. This penny-pinching parent: 

    19. This person who would like free land and free electricity: 

    20. This person looking for, you guessed it, an unpaid volunteer: 

    21. This person who really just wants free labor: 

    22. This confusing and crappy deal:

    23. This person who wants you to pay it forward: 

    24. This person who seemingly wanted a hotel to throw them a birthday party?:

    25. This person who needs you to know how to do everything, but for free:

    26. This person who is ready to low-ball any babysitter:

    27. Finally, this person who wants volunteer vendors for their event:

    Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars for always making my blood boil!