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I'm Tearing My Hair Out At The Entitlement And Arrogance Of These 19 Bosses


1. This former boss who just wanted a favor:

2. This boss who has some serious audacity:

3. This boss who can't pay you, but wants you to have a PhD:

4. This boss who actually wants YOU to pay to take care of their kids:

5. This boss who thought a backhanded compliment would suffice:

6. This boss who decided a Sunday picnic is essential:

7. This boss who came up with a veryyy corrupt scheme: 

8. This boss who has no clue who works for him:

9. This boss with a backwards agenda: 

angry facebook comments
angry facebook comments

10. This boss who tried to instill fear: 

11. This boss who wants their office manager to also be their homemaker:

12. This old boss who had the nerve to ask for money:

13. This arrogant boss who was horribly offended by something absolutely pointless: 

14. This boss who seems annoyed that workers expect pay:

15. This boss who thinks exposure equals payment: 

screenshotted email

16. This boss who thinks people shouldn't strive to have personal lives: 

17. This boss who thinks you're underestimating the important of valuable (unpaid) work: 

18. This boss who wants a thank you note, even if they plan on never talking to you again:

19. Finally, this boss who wants you to do everything and receive literally nothing:

Shoutout to r/ChoosingBeggars, r/BadBosses, and r/recruitinghell for making me want to breathe fire. UGHHH.