21 Silly Little Tweets About The Holidays That'll Give You A Good Chuckle Today

    If Twitter lives to see Christmas 2022, I'm sure it's gonna be wild.

    Sadly, we don't really know the fate of beloved social media platform Twitter at the moment. But, I'm trying to enjoy it while we have it, especially because Twitter is particularly hilarious and unhinged around the holidays. Sooo, here are some funny, ~festive~ tweets to get you in the holiday spirit:


    it's with a heavy heart i announce that, after 12 years of marriage, my partner and i have decided that it's better for both of us if we don't attend any of your holiday parties

    Twitter: @samreich


    And y’all keep questioning how Santa get around so fast https://t.co/Udt2Zcehra

    Twitter: @brooke24_


    They need to stop remaking A Christmas Carol. The Muppets did it the best. Everyone else needs to sit down and move on

    Twitter: @TaylorAnnNx


    Commenting ‘nightmare blunt rotation’ on some family’s Christmas photos on Facebook

    Twitter: @finnegans_vape


    Twitter: @joeynolfi / Netflix / Everett Collection


    When my phone stays on 1% for 10 min that’s the Hanukkah candle burning for 8 days

    Twitter: @DylanAdler6


    you really gonna treat me like that when Santa is literally on his way to town bffr

    Twitter: @hushbunniii


    Is “gobble me swallow me” a good caption to use on thanksgiving??

    Twitter: @justcarriej


    most people don't know that chris pine is actually short for christmas pinecone

    Twitter: @kaicomedy


    Charles Dickens writing a nice, festive Christmas story

    Twitter: @SparkNotes


    he's makin a list it's kept in plain text an elf just got phished you know what is next santa claus has leaked 2.2 billion user's names, addresses, naughty/nice statuses, and the times they are asleep in their homes

    Twitter: @hotjamz


    Christmas needs to slow tf down I only got 8 dollars

    Twitter: @Omarruizz10


    I didn’t get a toxic thanksgiving text. I’ve lost my touch.

    Twitter: @thenineYANAs


    Twitter: @BigToofedBlonde


    can’t believe the grinch stole christmas. what will he steal next? hanukkah? easter?? my debit card that has $56 on it???

    Twitter: @CaucasianJames


    Hallmark Christmas movie where the overworked single 30-something woman moves to a small town in Georgia to work on a runoff election. She doesn’t find love. She helps keep a US Senate seat, finds happiness in preserving Democracy. It’s called “A Campaign for Christmas”.

    Twitter: @mdobk


    for 15 years we made fun of my dad for saying he wants a vacuum for christmas every year, but we finally got him a nice dyson and you know what? he’s walking around, vacuuming all every room, muttering “this is a game changer.” say what you will but the man knows what he wants

    Twitter: @magnuswlitb


    My mum just waited until the dog had walked out the room to tell me what she'd bought him for Christmas.

    Twitter: @LouHaigh


    You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf. Now get ready for

    Twitter: @JimHalpert__


    Hiding presents on my bed but it looks like I'm hiding a festive dead body

    Twitter: @AmazingPhil


    tf do i get this man for Christmas when he already has me 🤦‍♀️

    Twitter: @AnnabelleWilin

    Happy holidays! And, make sure to follow all these funny folks!