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    22 Faces All Singers Have Definitely Made

    Sorry honey, I'm on vocal rest.

    1. When you find a new song you're dying to work on, but you need to get your voice teacher on board:

    ESPN / Via

    I could totally play this character, right? Right?

    2. When you try singing a song that is tragically out of your range:

    Andrew Dietsch / Via

    Don't strain, don't strain, don't strain!

    3. When you forget the words to your song:

    MGM / Via

    Just stay in the moment, dammit.

    4. When you are asked to sight-read:

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Ahh, shit.

    5. When you finally hit the big note you've been working on: / Via

    "Broadway, here I come!"

    6. When you try to clean out your binders of sheet music:

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Must. Keep. It. All.

    7. When it's allergy season so you can't sing without getting a gunk ball in your throat:

    NBC / Via

    What the phlegm was that?

    8. When you hear an old recording of yourself singing:

    Pop TV / Via

    Who let me leave the house sounding like that?

    9. When your voice teacher has you sing through a straw:

    Doug Bernstein / Via

    Massage those cords!

    10. When you know damn well you need to practice:

    The CW / Via

    Oh no, I'm just so busy!

    11. When you realize you accidentally ate dairy before needing to sing:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Dammit, I ate cheese again, didn't I?

    12. When you take that first sip of Throat Coat tea:

    CBS / Via

    I hate it, but I love it.

    13. When you hear someone "screlting" with all their might:

    HBO / Via

    Say it with me now: "It's okay to mix."

    14. When you turn a note you can't reach into an acting moment:

    NBC / Via

    Sorry, I just got so caught up in my feelings.

    15. When you take that first hit from your steamer or vaporizer:

    Republic Records / Via

    I am so badass.

    16. When your non-singer friend begs you to do karaoke:

    Bravo / Via

    How about you do it?

    17. When it's obvious you haven't practiced:

    NBC / Via

    Wait, what was that interval? My bad, my bad.

    18. When you need to ground your breath, so you end up doing ridiculous poses on the floor:

    ABKCO Films / Via

    You better engage that diaphragm!

    19. When the song you hate the most is the one that keeps getting stuck in your head:

    Pop TV / Via

    Is there an off switch?! Make it stop!

    20. When you curate the perfect sing-along playlist for your next car trip:

    NBC / Via

    I am the main character.

    21. When you hear a doorbell or clock chime and can't resist harmonizing:

    Netflix / Via

    I guess I'm just quirky like that.

    22. Finally, when some asshat tries to argue that performers have it easy:

    ABC / Via

    Don't start with me, sweetie. I will end you.