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    24 Wild Realizations That May Change The Way You See The World

    We've all technically been pi years old.

    1. This endless cycle.

    2. This mix-up.

    3. This humdinger. 

    4. This one I can't get out of my head.

    5. This hot (or cold) take.

    6. This numerical nonsense. 

    7. This edgy destination. 

    8. This enlightening take. 

    9. This moist mystery. 

    10. This planet with a plan.

    11. This random ritual. 

    12. This perceptive perspective. 

    13. This one that just seems obvious.

    14. This journey through time and space.

    15. This great Dinglehopper. 

    16. This earth-shattering view.

    17. This mathematical madness.

    18. This feat of nature.

    19. This tall order.

    20. This one that's driving me a little nutty.

    21. This cool communication.

    22. This perfect placement.

    23. This light in the darkness. 

    24. Finally, this fond memory.