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    24 Wild Realizations That May Change The Way You See The World

    We've all technically been pi years old.

    1. This endless cycle.

    You can split something in half over and over again and it will never become nothing, meaning that there can be an infinite amount of universes and worlds in said item. from Showerthoughts

    2. This mix-up.

    There is a very small but not impossible chance of shuffling a deck of playing cards and them ending up in exactly the order they arrived in. from Showerthoughts

    3. This humdinger.

    Pavlov probably thought about feeding his dogs every time someone rang a bell. from Showerthoughts
    Warner Bros. / Via

    4. This one I can't get out of my head.

    The voice in your head has grown up with you and at one point was a child. from Showerthoughts

    5. This hot (or cold) take.

    Thermometers are speedometers for atoms from Showerthoughts

    6. This numerical nonsense.

    You know every phone number. You just don't know which number belongs to whom. from Showerthoughts
    Adult Swim / Via

    7. This edgy destination.

    If the earth was flat, you can bet the edge would be one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world from Showerthoughts

    8. This enlightening take.

    The fact that eyelids don't completely block out light is bullshit from Showerthoughts

    9. This moist mystery.

    Wet clothes are darker even though water has no color from Showerthoughts
    NBC / Via

    10. This planet with a plan.

    Earth is a planet that tells other planets if they are planets or not. from Showerthoughts

    11. This random ritual.

    It's a bit weird that every country has a theme song its people have to memorize from Showerthoughts

    12. This perceptive perspective.

    A different version of you exists in the minds of everyone who knows you. from Showerthoughts
    NBC / Via

    13. This one that just seems obvious.

    A clear toothpaste tube would make so much sense. from Showerthoughts

    14. This journey through time and space.

    Your age in years is how many times you’ve circled the Sun, but your age in months is how many times the Moon has circled you. from Showerthoughts

    15. This great Dinglehopper.

    If Ariel thought forks were combs, then she must’ve thought her dad ruled the ocean with a Giant Hairbrush from Showerthoughts
    Disney / Via

    16. This earth-shattering view.

    If you search up a photo of the earth you’re technically in the photo. from Showerthoughts

    17. This mathematical madness.

    Even though Pi is infinitely long, we have all been Pi years old. from Showerthoughts

    18. This feat of nature.

    Both concrete and glass are mostly made of sand which makes skyscrapers just really tall sandcastles from Showerthoughts
    Nickelodeon / Via

    19. This tall order.

    The tallest person in the world has physically experienced being the exact height of every other person in the world at some point from Showerthoughts

    20. This one that's driving me a little nutty.

    If you are alone when you crack open a peanut shell and eat the peanut inside, you are the only person in the world to have ever seen that peanut. from Showerthoughts

    21. This cool communication.

    All languages travel at the speed of sound, sign language travels at the speed of light. from Showerthoughts
    The CW / Via

    22. This perfect placement.

    If you put a map of your country on the floor, there will be a point on the map that is touching the actual point it refers to from Showerthoughts

    23. This light in the darkness.

    It’s weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe, and that daytime is only caused by a nearby, radiating ball of flame from Showerthoughts

    24. Finally, this fond memory.

    Some stranger somewhere still remembers you because you were kind to them when no one else was. from Showerthoughts
    CBS / Via

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