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    18 Absolutely Absurd Reasons Kids Have Thrown Massive Tantrums

    "My two-year-old threw a fit because her shadow wouldn’t go away."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the absurd reasons for their kids' tantrums. Here are the stressful results.

    1. "When my kid was 3, one morning she screamed at the Mrs. Butterworth's syrup bottle, 'Talk! TALK! TALK!!!'"

    Kristen Bell cringing

    2. "I wouldn’t let him eat the corn out of his poop while I was changing his diaper."

    Schmidt gagging in disgust


    3. "My 2-year-old threw a fit because her shadow wouldn’t go away."

    Judgmental Ross Geller

    4. "When my son was around 4, he threw a fit because I had the nerve to serve him Swiss cheese, which had holes, and was therefore 'broken.'"

    Donald Glover looking frightened

    5. "My 2-year-old at the time had a 10-minute tantrum because he couldn’t fart as loudly as his dad. Happy to report that as a preteen, he has achieved that dream!"

    David Rose saying, "ew"
    Pop TV

    6. "When my daughter was 3, she got mad because 'someone' took a bite out of her strawberry. It was her. She took a bite out of her strawberry."

    Shocked Rachel Bloom
    The CW

    7. "My toddler sobbed uncontrollably in the bath the other day because I washed him and he wanted to 'stay stinky.' He just cried his little eyes out and wailed, 'I want to stay stinky!'"

    Titus Burgess shocked and disgusted


    8. "My daughter wanted to make her own sandwich at Subway. She made herself so upset she actually threw up."

    Jerry Trainor screaming

    9. "I wouldn’t let her have some of the canned food I was giving to the cat."

    Will Smith looking judgmental

    10. "I’m a nanny and I watch twins. One girl lost her damn mind because I wouldn’t let her sister lick her toes."

    Fleabag looking confused
    Amazon Prime

    11. "When I was around 3, apparently I had a meltdown one morning on the way to preschool. When I got there, the teacher said, 'It looks like you’re having a pretty tough day. What’s the matter?' Without skipping a beat, I told her, through sobs, 'My mom wouldn’t let me have a beer for breakfast!' Neither of my parents crack a cold one open first thing in the morning, so I have no idea where I got that idea!"

    Monica gasping

    12. "Today my 4-year-old had a meltdown because the roads were wet and his window got water on it."

    Upset Fred Armisen

    13. "My 2-year-old threw a tantrum this morning because I wouldn't let her touch my poop before I flushed it, because I 'get' to touch hers when I change her diaper."

    Rosa looking on in disgust

    14. "I told my 3-year-old she had to brush her teeth so she could have shiny teeth and not stinky breath. She cried and said she wanted stinky breath. I tried explaining what 'stinky' means, but she just cried until I said, 'Okay, your breath stinks,' and then she smiled, and that was it."

    Cringing Cardi B


    15. "My kid threw a fit because I opened their banana the 'wrong' way."

    Screaming Ilana Glazer
    Comedy Central

    16. "I look after my little sister quite a lot. One day when I was picking her up from preschool, she stopped in the middle of the pavement and began wailing! Everyone around started to stare, so I quietly asked her why she was upset. She said, in the loudest possible voice, 'I WANT TO MEET QUEEN ELIZABETH! TAKE ME TO HER!' I didn't know what to do, and she kept up this angry tantrum all the way home."

    17. "When my daughter was not quite 18 months old, she flipped out when we got into the car after visiting her grandparents because she wanted to walk home by herself at 11 p.m. It was below freezing, and we were out in the country, 30 miles from home."

    Judgmental Bow Johnson

    18. And finally: "She couldn’t find her favorite stuffed animal, which was in her hand."

    Crying Mindy Kaling

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