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Parents, Tell Us The Most Absurd Reason Your Kid Has Ever Thrown A Fit


It's no secret that kids can be a handful sometimes.

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With their active imaginations, tremendous curiosity, and emotional intensity, every now and then something sets them off and makes their feelings fly.

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Sometimes those little episodes are understandably prompted. But, other times, they seem completely out of left field.

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Perhaps your kid asked if they could have a dog treat to feed to the family pet. You got a treat and helped them feed it to the very happy dog. After your kid realized the dog finished the treat, they started crying and screaming. You asked them what was wrong, and they screeched out, "I wanted to taste it!"

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Maybe you left your kid unattended for a couple minutes so you could run to the bathroom. You flushed the toilet and began washing your hands, when you heard crying. You bolted out of the bathroom to see what was wrong, to find your kid on the floor outside of the bathroom. You scooped them up to see what was wrong, and they said, "You flushed it! I wanted to see it!"

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Or maybe you were taking your kid to run some errands. You strapped them into their car seat as usual, but then they started screaming. You tried to console them and ask what was wrong, and they said, "I wanted to drive the car today!" You then had to listen to their meltdown the whole way to and from Target.

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What's the most absurd reason your kid has ever thrown a tantrum? Drop your story in the comments below! The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.