19 Reasons Why Josh Groban Is The Only Man You’ll Ever Need

Our reason to be brave.

1. The man has the voice of an angel.

Warner Music Group / Via youtube.com

2. He’s a dog lover.

He loves his dog, Sweeney, just like we love Josh.

3. He’s the perfect Valentine.


To thank his fans, Josh made cookies with lyrics to his most popular love songs.

He loves us and cookies.

4. He’s hilarious.

“My album cover before photoshop.”

5. He has such a comforting presence.

Warner Music Group / Via youtube.com


6. He’s a bad boy.

Check out that bold non-conformity to car safety standards.

7. Even Celine Dion loves him.

CBS / Via youtube.com

CBS / Via youtube.com


At 17, he subbed in for Andrea Bocelli’s part of the duet in “The Prayer” during the 1999 Grammy Awards rehearsals. Like Celine, no one could believe this kid’s voice. She was so impressed with him that she’s invited him to perform with her on many occasions.

8. He loves to include his fans in his performances.

At many of his shows, he invites a lucky audience member to join him on stage.

9. Even he knows just how magical his hair is.

Hey @SirPatStew I don't remember filming this but those WERE wild times....

— josh groban (@joshgroban)

10. He even has the most adorable dopplegänger.

One of the lucky fans he picked to sing with him at a concert turned out to be his Mini Me.

11. He is gorgeous.

I can’t.

Not a real person.

12. He’s clearly a foodie.


And a Photoshop wizard.

13. He’s the greatest thing that ever happened to Twitter.

View this embed ›

View this embed ›

View this embed ›

To be fair, we can’t wait either.

14. He’s bicoastal.

Mertsaloff / Via shutterstock.com

He may live in both Los Angeles and New York, but don’t worry, he’ll get To Where You Are.

15. He once made a song out of Kanye West’s tweets and it was amazing.

ABC / Via youtube.com

Josh put some serious time and dedication into an album dedicated to Kanye West’s tweets, which he performed live on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

16. He once showed Bublé who’s boss.


Michael Bublé attempted to sing “You Raise Me Up,” but luckily Josh appeared and showed him just how it’s done.

Watch the full show down here.

17. He is the king of #Throwbackthursday

Throwback Thursday, birthday edition.

— josh groban (@joshgroban)

18. When he performed “You Raise Me Up” with an African Children’s Choir, your heart melted.

Fox / Via youtube.com

19. He’s wonderfully humble…


But woefully misguided.


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