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Estate Agents Said Millennials Could Buy A House If They Stopped Buying Sandwiches And People Are Mad

The estate agents who did the calculations seemed to assume that everyone will get £30,000 towards a house deposit from their parents.

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Today the Evening Standard published an article saying millennial couples could save the average London house deposit in just five years – if they stopped buying so many sandwiches.

The calculations came from agents Strutt & Parker, which said that by giving up six "luxuries" – including phone upgrades and mini-breaks – millennials could get themselves on the property ladder.

The agents also assumed that millennials would only need to save two-thirds of the average £94,000 deposit – suggesting that their parents will gift them a hefty 30 grand towards a house.

Needless to say, millennials weren't impressed...

so glad we have estate agents here to tell us we just need to never go on holiday, eat lunch or buy a lottery ticke…

So, when Bart jokingly thought Lisa said 'Go to bread', what he was sub-conciously telling us was to avoid buying s…

FFS, just went to Tesco for some milk and spent £50,000 on meal deals again. How am I going to explain this to my slum landlord?

Anyone who writes about why millennials can't afford house because of "spending money on X" should be made to live…

2016: Millennials should stop eating avocados. 2017: Millennials should stop eating sandwiches. 2020: Millennials s…

Advice from Strutt and Parker to Millennials saving for a house: - Cut housing and commuting costs by sleeping in…

According to the article, "preparing lunch at home rather than buying sandwiches or salads saves £2,576 on average" – which appears to assume that (after deducting holidays and weekends) the average person must be spending £11 a day on sandwiches.

Cutting out takeaways can apparently "knock £2,640 off household spending" – assuming that most people only order one takeaway a week – that means they're spending more than £50 each time.

The estate agents also claimed you could also save £6,000 in a year by cutting out one night out with friends a week – if you're the type of person who regularly spends £115 on a night out.

There were a lot of people who had issues with the maths...

It appears that sandwiches are to British millennials what avocado toast is to our Australian counterparts.

BuzzFeed has approached Strutt & Parker to ask it how it did the maths.

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