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These Pictures Show Just How Busy London's Tube Trains Are Despite People Being Asked Not To Travel

Transport for London is operating a reduced service — which means that although fewer people are travelling, services are still packed.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues in the UK, the government has urged people not to travel unless strictly necessary — but London's tubes are still packed.

This is going well @centralline @TfL. I can’t believe that anyone on this train is choosing to go to work. That was at Leytonstone.

Londoners have been sharing pictures of packed services and urging the capital's transit authority — Transport for London — to do something about it.

3 pictures taken at around 7am this morning . At Canning Town on a Jubilee Line train..and 2 platform pictures at W.Ham. THIS IS A SUNDAY...YES A SUNDAY MORNING !!! 😡😡😡😡.#SocialDistancing non existent on London Underground. @TfL .this is SO WRONG !!

TfL has closed some of its stations and has been running a reduced service — but with some Londoners still going to work, this has meant some trains are even busier than usual.

So much for social distancing @TfL

Labour MP Neil Coyle said he wants the government to force employers to keep their staff at home if they are not key workers to help tackle the problem.

A constituent who is not a key worker sent me this photo this morning. He is being forced to work by his employer. This was his tube journey. I've asked Government to consider prosecuting irresponsible employers taking risks with other people's lives and our NHS.

On Sunday, TfL emailed customers saying: "The number of people using our services has fallen dramatically. but we need even more of you to stop travelling."

@TfL The Tube in London...... The full lockdown needs to happen now No one is listening

There are more confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and there have been more deaths in London than any other UK city — but Londoners are still crowding together on the Tube.

So TFL have made the wrong move. They are doing the central line every 20 minutes. The trains are even more packed and busy. The station & trains look normal.😡 This is ridiculous @TfL @piersmorgan

While key workers still need to use public transport to travel around the capital, the government is yet to introduce any stringent lockdown measures — which means everyone is free to take the Tube.

@TfL this is what happens when you restrict services. It's worse congestion than it is during rush hour. 1 train every 20 minutes on Central line from stratford is not enough and yes, I am a key worker before anyone asks!

Some self-employed people have also said that the government's failure to offer adequate financial support has also forced them to keep working.

@TfL @BBCTravelAlert But Liverpool Street still busy this morning? 🤔

Social distancing advice from the government says that people should stay at least two metres apart to prevent passing on or contracting the coronavirus — but that clearly isn't happening.

The government and @TfL risking everyone’s lives with trains like this!!! How is this allowing for #socialdistancing?? #COVID19 #Coronavirus

Instead, Tube trains look to be some of the busiest enclosed spaces in London.

Is this social distancing - Central Line @TfL this is worrisome 🦠

Transport for London told BuzzFeed News journeys were down 87% — but that "more people need to stop travelling right now".

Vernon Everitt, TfL’s managing director of customers, communication, and technology, said: “To save lives, everyone must follow the government and mayor’s instructions to stay at home and only travel if absolutely essential. Only critical workers should be using public transport and no one else."