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22 Times Police Tweets Were A Gift To The Internet In 2017

Police Twitter is really, really weird.

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1. When Greater Manchester police decided to tweet about this unusual callout.

Dispute over photocopying - customer says he's done 19 copies, shop says he's done 91 copies! Shops taken customers shoes until he pays!

2. When Police Twitter realised they had 280 characters.

Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw! Nee-naw…

3. And they all got a bit carried away.


4. They got really, really carried away.

5. Even the National Crime Agency joined in.


6. When police in London issued this health and safety warning.

Mums.. if you're annoyed with your 14 yr old playing too much #ps4 please don't throw it out from your 5th window.

7. When police in Manchester tweeted about this unfortunate incident.

999 at 11pm from man complaining that he gave 3 men a £10 note so they could use it to take cocaine, and when they finished they kept it

8. When police in Hackney tried to be a bit different.

We now have #280characters - Did you know we can now include the full caution in tweets."You do not have to say any…

9. When Kent's Roads Policing Unit learned how to overlay emojis.

The police are one of my favourite things about this website

10. When police officers decided to create a Twitter account for a teddy bear...

@MPSBromley @metpoliceuk @UK_COPS I couldn’t find any trees the climb but this one will do that sparkly stuffs a bi…

11. ...who tours police forces around the country.

Oh no....looks like @PCEdwardWalker has been robbed!

12. When police in Northern Ireland created this helpful map.

Take note Mitec colleagues...! Got to love @PSNICraigavon on social media! #craic

13. When police in Scotland took a unicorn for a ride.

Finally the #unicorn has been traced flying over #Skye. Off to the cells it goes.

14. When Sussex police literally made a crime-themed Star Wars film out of Lego.

NO SPOILERS 🔇 This Christmas Vader returns to ruin someone's day! #StarWars #TheLastJedi #LeaveALightOn 💡

15. When police in Brighton tried to reunite some lost drugs with their owner.

Good Morning #Brighton and #Hove, has anyone lost a sock in Dyke Road Gardens? A sock with 20+ wraps of crack cocai…

16. They weren't the first police force to try this particular trick.

This evening #TeamA received a call from public stating they found some drugs. Recovered by police. If you have los…

17. When Greater Manchester police tried to reassure a worried drug dealer.

If you come home to find door smashed in and your Spice, machete + £££ gone, don't worry, you've not been burgled -…

18. When GMP's pun game was strong.

Man arrested; kicked off in pizza restaurant after refused more beer. Then tried running off without paying £60 bil…

19. Very strong.

Last warning. Naked bike ride 7pm. We know there are mixed views & will monitor. Perhaps grin & bare it or join in if you've nothing on?

20. Scottish police love a good pun too.

Loddy & lassie huckled for shoplifting washing powder! Bold move. Comfort in 2 in 1.. #RelationshipGoals #DateNichtOnUs #AwStopIt

21. When police in Bolton were feeling festive.

** Happy Christmas from the Police ** Drugs warrant executed this morning in George Street, Farnworth, another one…

22. And when Thames Valley police trolled Steven Gerrard in the name of a weather warning.

It's easy to slip on a normal day...just ask Steven Gerrard 😬 It's cold and icy in most areas, please take extra c…

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