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    24 Random Ways All '00s Kids Spent Their Time On The Internet

    "You have just sent a nudge!"

    1. Creating a classic '00s email address — an email address that to this day you swear is amazing.

    Apple / Via

    Extra points if you had "baby", the letter "x", or a reference to your favourite colour in yours.

    2. Playing Sims music videos way more than regular music videos.

    If you didn't spend hours searching for Sims music videos, were you really a '00s kid?

    3. Taking the agent quiz to become a secret agent on Club Penguin.

    The calm before the storm, or should I say popcorn explosion?

    4. Being in awe but also slightly scared of Peter Answers and how accurate and creepy they were. / Via

    Until you realised the trick to it all.

    5. Customising your Bebo skin to really reflect your personality.

    The tackier, the better.

    6. Carefully considering who would be in your MySpace Top Eight.

    One of the hardest decisions of every '00s kid's life. I mean, so many friendships were broken by this.

    7. Checking out the Piczo Zone.

    I can't be the only one who spent ages looking for stuff to add to their page.

    8. Watching celeb live chats, before Instagram Live was ever a thing.

    Who else watched these?

    9. Trying to get to the end of this impossible game.

    Miniclip / Via

    One of the most frustratingly addictive games to have ever existed.

    10. And taking The Impossible Quiz, which was (and still is) the hardest quiz ever.

    Newgrounds / Via

    "Can a match box?"

    11. Trying to split the bubbles but avoid them at the same time on Bubble Trouble.

    Miniclip / Via

    A tough job.

    12. Going to pool parties on Habbo Hotel.

    The height of every '00s kid's internet experience.

    13. And constantly seeing the word 'bobba', which could literally mean so many things.

    "Bobba off."

    14. Going on Chat Roulette for fun with your friends.

    Which was, in hindsight, definitely a bad idea.

    15. Playing Whack-A-Kass to get some NeoPoints.

    NeoPets / Via

    How far could you whack it?

    16. Taking endless quizzes and reading fan fiction on Quizilla.

    Time-consuming but so worth it.

    17. Downloading music on Limewire and hoping it wouldn't kill your computer.

    A risk we were all willing to take.

    18. Getting your friend's attention on MSN by sending nudges.

    Fun but annoying.

    19. And if that didn't work, then using this wink.

    MSN / Via


    20. Signing in and out again, just so that your crush would notice you.

    This didn't always work.

    21. Customising your cursor because an arrow was definitely too boring.

    If it could be customised, we wanted it.

    22. Having complete trust in love calculators, even though we all knew that they were fake.

    MGA Entertainment / Via

    Hey, if Cloe tells me that we're meant to be together, then who am I to argue?

    23. Pretending to be a stylist, makeup artist, and hairstylist all rolled into one on MyScene.

    Barbie, Chelsea, Madison, Delancey, and Nolee were the original baddies and you can't tell me otherwise.

    24. And finally, spending hours as an interior designer, babysitter, and nail technician on EverythingGirl.

    What was better than EverythingGirl?