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    27 Reasons Why Growing Up During The '00s Kinda Sucked

    Walking into school praying somebody wasn't wearing the same Limited Too outfit as you.

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    1. Turning on every radio station and hearing "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5. / Via

    2. The heated debate about whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob and the DRAMA it caused in your friend group.

    Twitter: @sassygoldilocks / Summit Entertainment / Via Twitter: @sassygoldilocks

    3. Walking into school praying somebody wasn't wearing the same Limited Too outfit as you.

    Limited Too

    4. Getting your ears pierced at Claire's and simultaneously running into half of the girls in your grade.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    5. Wishing your parents would get sick of you already and ship you to PCA or Hogwarts, which, to your dismay, never happened.

    Nickelodeon, Warner Bros.

    6. The social pressure of having to forward a massive chain email to your entire contact list.

    7. The struggle of having to ask your parents' permission to go to in order to vote for Miley Cyrus to cameo in High School Musical 2.

    Tumblr: @equalistmako / Via

    8. That feeling of heartbreak when you heard the door closing sound whenever your crush signed off of AIM.


    9. Feeling unloved when all your parents packed you for lunch was apple slices with peanut butter, but your archenemy got a fucking PIZZA LUNCHABLE.

    Kraft / Oscar Mayer

    10. Getting into heated debates every Wednesday morning when you asked who your friends voted for on American Idol.


    11. Having to read even more Magic Tree House books for your summer reading when you had already read Mummies in the Morning, Afternoon on the Amazon, AND Night of the Ninjas with your class.


    12. People constantly singing the "F is for Friends" song from SpongeBob SquarePants until it was forever stuck in your head.


    13. The embarrassing moment when a parent had to escort you and your friends to see Mean Girls because you were only, like, eight.

    Paramount Pictures

    14. Everyone had a favorite Jonas Brother and defended his honor at all costs. (Even if that meant you lost some friends.)

    15. Having to grow up as a ~semi-professional~ dancer because you insisted on learning all the moves to "Hoedown Throwdown" and "Crank That (Soulja Boy)."


    16. Whenever you don't have enough money in your bank account, you still have flashbacks to this guy not accepting your KinzCash at the Webkinz Curio Shop.


    17. Everybody around you responded to any minor inconvenience with "Sweet Niblets!"

    Disney Channel

    18. Social hierarchy was defined by how many Livestrongs and "I Heart Boobies" bracelets you wore.

    Twitter: @500daysofjess / Via Twitter: @500daysofjess

    19. You still have to live with the everyday struggle of not knowing how your Nintendog is holding up.


    20. The constant agony of wanting your parents to serve you dinner on ZooPals plates because they were ~cool~.

    ZooPals / Via

    21. Having to awkwardly ask your parents where Steve from Blue's Clues went.


    22. Being frustrated when you weren't coordinated enough to stand on your Heelys, while your friends were basically X-Games stars.

    23. Always watching Shrek at sleepovers and then having to listen to everyone impersonate Shrek and Donkey for the rest of the night. 🙄


    24. Having to keep up with the ever DE-volving texting lingo.

    Jive Records

    25. Dealing with the stress these Disney Channel couples caused you, which was only escalated by the palpably tense "Send It On" music video.

    Disney Channel

    26. The fact that "Mr. Brightside" will forever bring up unresolved feelings for your unrequited third grade love.

    White people when Mr. Brightside starts playing at a party

    Twitter: @abitchua / Via Twitter: @abitchua

    27. And finally, the sheer disappointment when you opened your Facebook only to discover all of your 10 notifications were Farmville requests.

    Edna Prooster / Facebook

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