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23 Cringe Things We Did In The '00s That We Still Don't Understand

There are so many unanswered questions.

1. Did we wear those stripy armwarmer things because we were cold from wearing vests all the time?

arm warmers

2. Why did we wear ballet pumps on rainy days?

flats in a puddle

3. What was the precise date in the '00s when the very last girl wore a tie over a T-shirt for fashion reasons? And who was that girl?

girl wearing tie over tshirt

4. Did we pluck our eyebrows to look like this thin on purpose, or was it an accident?

woman with thin eyebrows

5. Did we wear dresses over jeans to make our jeans seem more glam, or our dresses seem more casual?

woman poses with dress over boot-cut jeans

6. Did anyone ever complete Snake?

person making a snake pattern on phone

7. What happened to our sweatbands? Did we throw them out or just lose them?

girl with sweatband looking surprised

8. Why were our bodies so long?

9. Why were our scarves so thin?

anne hathaway smiling with thin scarf

10. What happened to our tea dresses?

tea dress on mannequin

11. Did the glitter seem like a subtle highlight at the time, or was the idea always to have glitter everywhere?

women pose with glitter EVERYWHERE

12. Why did we wear our jeans so low?

extremely low cut ceans

13. What happened to our cowboy boots??

yellow patterned cowboy boots

14. And what happened to our baggy suede boots????

woman poses on stairs with baggy suede boots

15. Does anyone still have their clear plastic strap bra?

back of clear plastic strap bra

16. Why did none of us wear coats?

coatless crew photo

17. Why were we so tanned all the time?

extremely tan models pose

18. Who was the first person to wear footless tights? Or did thousands of girls around the world spontaneously do it one day in the '00s?

girl in footless tights against doorway

19. Who was the first person to wear butterfly clips, and who was the last?

butterfly clips in yellow blue and purple

20. When (why) did we stop wearing waistcoats?

woman poses in waistcoat

21. Did cloven hoof trainers have a purpose or were they just for fashion reasons?

cloven hoof trainers in purple and orange

22. Why did we only have two style settings, either full-on party girl or tracksuit?

23. When our parents said, "You're not going out dressed like that," were they maybe...right?

woman poses in two piece skimpy set