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    A Definitive Ranking Of Disney's Most Loyal Sidekicks

    Tinkerbell was a ride or die.

    17. Sebastian — The Little Mermaid

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    Why: It's pretty obvious that Seb isn't Ariel's biggest fan, but you have to hand it to him— he reaaally tries his best to entertain the human obsessed mermaid. Okay, so he loses points for slipping up and revealing Ariel's plans to Triton, but he was only trying to protect her, which is a true sign of loyalty.

    Most loyal moment: When he rhymed "bass" with "brass" to try and persuade Ariel to stay under the sea.

    16. Meeko — Pocahontas

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    Why: Meeko is one of the most underrated sidekicks — he sticks by Pocahontas' side, even when no one likes him. He's also the reason why Pocahontas met John! He's definitely more loyal to his snacks than he is to Pocahontas though..

    Most loyal moment: When he tore himself away from his biscuits to put Poca's hair in the most ~perfect~ braid.

    15. Pegasus — Hercules

    Disney / Via

    Why: Hercules is the strongest guy in the whole of Thebes, but that doesn't stop Pegasus from having his back. Hercules may have the muscles, but Pegasus has the brains. Plus, he lets Hercules fly around on his back, which I think is pretty loyal. He does lose a few points for being so easily distracted by Pink Pegasus though...

    Most loyal moment: When he remembered Hercules after not seeing him for almost a decade.

    14. Pua — Moana


    Why: Moana traumatised poor Pua on her boat, then basically abandoned him, and what did he do? He risked his life by waiting patiently for Moana’s return on an Island where he knew everyone loved eating pork. He got left behind by Moana, so he definitely deserves a spot on this list.

    Most loyal moment: When he overcame his fear of the sea to join Moana and her family on the boat.

    13. Grumpy — Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Disney / Via

    Why: What makes Grumpy so much more loyal than the rest of the dwarfs, I hear you ask? Well, the difference with Grumpy is that Snow White earns his loyalty, which makes it so much more special. He goes from being a miserable little guy, to basically leading Snow's rescue mission. What a turnaround.

    Most loyal moment: When he accidentally slipped into dad mode and showed Snow White that he did care.

    12. Rajah — Aladdin

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    Why: When it comes to Aladdin, everyone seems to forget about Rajah. Even though Jasmine abandons him when she decides the palace is too boring for her, he's still her right hand guy. And don't forget that Rajah's a tiger — he goes against all his animal instincts and never once tries to eat Jasmin. If that's not loyalty, I don't know what is.

    Most loyal moment: When he scared away Jasmine's unwanted suitor by biting off his underpants.

    11. Sven — Frozen

    Disney / Via

    Why: Sven puts up with Kristoff's ~terrible~ impressions of him, he basically did all of his ice harvesting for him and he shares his carrots. Sven's a loyal guy.

    Most loyal moment: When he saved Kristoff from falling down the mountain.

    10. Timon & Pumbaa — The Lion King

    Disney / Via

    Why: There may be two of them, but together, Timon and Pumbaa make one iconic duo. They taught Simba some great life lessons, like the importance of friendship, and of course their ~problem free philosophy~. Plus, they knowingly took the risk of being eaten, because lets face it, their bug diet just wasn't cutting it for Simba.

    Most Loyal Moment: When the pair helped Simba get his rightful place on the throne by taking on the Hyenas at Pride Rock.

    9. Baloo — The Jungle Book

    Disney / Via

    Why: Baloo's the bear version of the uncle that lets you eat ice cream for breakfast —he might not be the most responsible of sidekicks, but Mowgli could depend on him when it really mattered.

    Most Loyal Moment: When he saved Mowgli's life, almost getting clawed to death by Shere Khan in the process.

    8. Gus — Cinderella

    Disney / Via

    Why: As well as being really cute, Gus is Cinderella's biggest fan, and one devoted little mouse. He risked his life multiple times to make sure that Cinderella looked amazing at the ball, even after she gave him a top that was quite clearly way too small for him. I guess loyalty doesn't always work both ways...

    Most loyal moment: When he almost gets boiled alive in a teacup whilst trying to break Cinder out from the tower.

    7. Jiminy Cricket — Pinocchio

    Disney / Via

    Why: Pinocchio might possibly be Disney's most annoying character, so Jiminy automatically gets a place on the list just for putting up with him. Plus, he goes one step further than a sidekick — he's his mainkick's actual conscience. Even though he was practically forced into this role by the Blue Fairy, he does everything he can to help P become a ~real boy~, which I think is pretty damn loyal.

    Most loyal moment: When he risked being eaten by the giant whale just to help Pinocchio become a fully fledged human.

    6. Tinkerbell — Peter Pan

    Disney / Via

    Why: Remember when she tried to get the lost boys to KILL Wendy because she was jealous of her relationship with Peter? Yeah, Tinkerbell's loyal in that intense, scary kinda way.

    Most loyal moment: When she was willing to sacrifice her life to save her beloved Peter. Tinkerbell was serious guys.

    5. Timothy Q. Mouse — Dumbo

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    Why: Timothy and Dumbo are an unlikely pairing, but he's is Dumbo's best friend, surrogate mom and hypeman all rolled into one. Dumbo is one of Disney's more emotional classics, and without Timothy, it would've been way too miserable to handle. He constantly sticks up for Dumbo, cheers him up when he's down, and is singlehandedly responsible for making him the star of the circus.

    Most Loyal Moment: When he persuaded the crows to teach Dumbo how to fly, after his his groundbreaking discovery that his giant ears actually have a purpose.

    4. Pascal — Tangled

    Disney / Via

    Why: I think we can all agree that, as the most clueless Disney Princess, Rapunzel wouldn't have lasted five minutes in the wild without the guidance of Pascal. Don't forget that he spent 18 years reading books and painting with Rapunzel in the tower when he could've easily ditched her.

    Most loyal moment: When he fearlessly faced Flynn Rider from the depths of the Frying pan.

    3. Mushu — Mulan

    Disney / Via

    Why: Mushu's the kind of guy you want around when there's a war on — without him, Ping's true identity would've been revealed straight away. And technically, Mushu's the one who actually defeated the Huns, and he lets Mulan take all the credit. He's the most loyal dragon (lizard) a girl could ask for.

    Most loyal moment: When he bit Ling's butt to save Mulan from flashing her goodies to the rest of the troops.

    2. Dory — Finding Nemo

    Disney / Via

    Why: As well as a loyal sidekick, Dory's also a true hero who basically saved Nemo's ass. Dory almost gets murdered by a shark, risks being stung by killer jellyfish, and gets eaten by a whale, just to save a stranger's son. You can't get much more loyal than that.

    Most loyal moment: When she overcame her memory loss and remembered "P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney."

    1. LeFou — Beauty and the Beast

    Disney / Via

    Why: You might be disappointed that LeFou is number 1. Yes, he has zero likeability and isn't an animal, but he honestly puts up with the most. He gets punched, kicked and constantly made fun of, yet he's the dedicated mastermind behind Gaston's plan to get Belle. And Gaston doesn't even seem to like poor LeFou.

    Most Loyal Moment: Putting up with Gaston.

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