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    Shuri From "Black Panther" Is Finally Getting The Attention She Deserves With Her Own Comic Book

    The comic is set to be released in October.

    Okay, so we can all agree that Black Panther was amazing.

    But T'Challa's little sister, Shuri totally stole the show.

    Shuri won our hearts by being brave, clever and basically an all round badass.

    So people have been wondering why such a popular character hasn't already been given her own spin off.

    It's still completely wild to me that a Shuri spin off comic wasn't loaded and ready to go back in fucking February.

    Well, yesterday their wishes were granted when novelist Nnedi Okorafor confirmed that she's writing a new comic book where Shuri will take centre stage.

    💥Announcement: I'm writing Shuri. 🤓 "Black Panther's Sister Shuri Is Getting Her Own Comic Book Series & It's Happening So, So Soon"

    And we don't have long to wait — all eyes will be on on Shuri when the comic is released in October!

    Marvel fans have taken to Twitter to share their excitement at the news.


    shuri is getting her own comic book series akdjakdj I’m so happy

    They’re releasing a Shuri comic series? Well, there goes all the money that I don’t have.

    Some people are speculating that there might even be a ~Shuri movie~ on the cards.

    If Shuri can get her own comic, then that means that solo movie is coming soon enough

    But for now it looks like there's a lot of exciting stuff on the horizon for our favourite Wakandan.