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    Serena Williams' Daughter's Doll Has A Twitter Account And It's The Best Thing Ever

    "real G’s move in silence like lasagna 🤫"

    You probably know about Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's adorable daughter, Olympia Ohanian.

    But you may not have heard of Qai Qai Ohanian – baby Olympia's doll.

    Qai Qai her very own Twitter page, and it's honestly the best thing on the internet.

    and their daughter’s doll HAS A NAME lol excuse me

    Sometimes she tweets about the world of tennis:

    what’s better than one 🐐? two

    Other times she shares wisdom and advice:

    it don’t matter what your watch says when it’s time to boss up

    thank you I just drink water, mind my business, and exfoliate lol it keeps me young

    Her tweets are seriously relatable:

    And she always has the wittiest of responses:

    no, I’m that doll

    apology accepted.

    real G’s move in silence like lasagna 🤫

    Lots of people have been speculating that Alexis Ohanian is the brains behind the account, but these speculations were shot down in true Qai Qai fashion:

    ok here’s a hint: rhymes with cray cray and doesn’t believe in ghostwriters

    So we can only conclude that Qai Qai is more than just a doll – she's the sassiest member of the Ohanian family.

    hey I’m sorry I didn’t see you there I was busy blocking out the haters

    Long live Queen Qai Qai!