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    13 Horrifying Facts About Witches That Are Unfortunately True

    Beware: Witch cake isn't as appetising as it sounds.

    1. Suspected witches were strip-searched to see if they had the devil's mark on their body.

    2. The 1428 Valais witch trials are the first recorded event where victims were persecuted and killed because of accusations of witchcraft.

    3. Cakes made with the urine of those thought to be afflicted by witchcraft were fed to dogs.

    4. The ducking stool was commonly used to torture and humiliate women accused of witchcraft.

    5. Merga Bien, one of the most famous victims of the witch trials in the 1600s, was killed after being accused of being impregnated by Satan.

    6. The witch's bridle was a torture device used to stop witches from incanting spells.

    7. Suspected witches were repeatedly poked with a small needle.

    8. And one accused sorcerer was "pressed" to death.

    9. Another torture method was the garrote — in which suspected witches were strangled with a wire or a rope.

    10. Four-year-old Dorothy Good was the youngest person to be accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials.

    11. Witches were accused of holding rituals where they ate exhumed corpses.

    12. Some witches were dunked in water to test their innocence.

    13. And some were forced to endure a system of torture that involved victims being hung and pulled from their arms.