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    People Are Divided Over The Rumoured "Frasier" Reboot

    "Frasier reboot, but it is just about the dog."

    Earlier this week, Deadline reported that Kelsey Grammer and CBS TV Studios are exploring a possible Frasier reboot.

    The reboot is rumoured to take place in a new city and will feature Grammer, but with a new supporting cast.

    Some fans were excited by the prospect of Frasier coming back to screens, 25 years after its original premiere.

    Others were into the idea only if other members of the original cast were involved.

    I hear there’s a Frasier reboot in the works. Things are looking up. (If David Hyde-Pierce is attached)

    David Hyde-Pierce played Niles, Frasier's brother.

    But quite a few people thought that a reboot just wouldn't work without the late John Mahoney, who played Frasier's dad.

    Look, I love Frasier. And I mean ADORE that show. But honestly? Without John Mahoney, I don't see the point.


    Frasier minus John Mahoney sounds kind of not great.

    Other felt that the world has changed too much for a reboot of the '90s classic.

    Possible problems with a Frasier reboot: -Radio doesn't exist anymore -American healthcare doesn't allow anyone to seek out mental health treatment -Frasier WILL get shot -Eddie is in rehab -The Space Needle got fat

    And a lot of people thought it was just a downright bad idea to try to revamp a classic.

    "Good news, Frasier fans! Kelsey Grammer wants to do a reboot!" Me, a Frasier fan:

    I swear to god, if we get a Frasier reboot I will bury myself alive. That show is PERFECT and doesn't need its memory tarnished by a crap follow-up. Also, any reboot without Marty will be awful.

    No. As the world's greatest Frasier fan, no. No, no, no.

    Others, meanwhile, decided to make suggestions for the reboot instead, like this slightly darker angle.

    the only frasier reboot I want to see is one where frasier ascends this mortal life by storing his soul in a phylactery and navigates the perils of living, laughing and loving in seattle as a modern day lich

    I once wrote a Frasier script set in the post-apocalypse if they're looking for a new angle on the reboot...

    Lots of people were also fans of the suggestion of this mysterious addition.

    frasier reboot but he's in full beast garb the whole time, and nobody ever comments on it

    The tweet has been liked over 3,000 times.

    And some suggested that, instead of remaking the show, they should just make one subtle change to the original.

    A "Frasier" reboot, except it's all the old Frasier episodes and the show is called "Niles."

    Or focusing the remake on one of the more underrated characters instead.

    frasier reboot but it is just about the dog

    If there is a reboot, let's hope it's just as good as the original!