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17 Lyrics That Are So Cringey They Should've Been Cut Out Of The Song

"She’ll eat your heart, like Jeffrey Dahmer" ...ummmmm no thanks.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what song lyrics never fail to make them cringe, and they didn't disappoint. Brace yourself – here are some of the best responses.

1. "Don't Trust Me" – 3OH!3

2. "Money" – Cardi B

3. "Air Hostess" – Busted

4. "Love The Way You Lie" – Eminem ft. Rihanna

5. "Whenever, Wherever" – Shakira

6. "Hey Ya" – OutKast

7. "Fireball" – Pitbull ft. John Ryan

8. "Girls Like You" – Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B

9. "ME!" – Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie

10. "What's My Name" – Rihanna ft. Drake

11. "Marvin Gaye" – Charlie Puth ft. Meghan Trainor

12. "Boyfriend" – Justin Bieber

13. "Blah Blah Blah" – Kesha ft. 3OH!3

14. "Over Again" – One Direction

15. "Dark Horse" – Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

16. "Raise Your Glass" – Pink

17. "The Motto" – Drake ft. Lil Wayne

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