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    19 Ways To Treat Yourself Because You Deserve The Best

    An excuse to spend money on myself? Yes please!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This Sand & Sky Australian pink clay kit to detox your skin after it's been exposed to a bunch of makeup, dirt and pollution.


    This kit includes the exfoliator, which will gently scrub away your dead skin cells and leave your skin fresh and clean. Plus, the pore refining face mask will tighten your pores and leave your skin silky smooth.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $110.50.

    2. These Australian bath salts to take a soothing bath with, because your muscles are surely sore from carrying the weight of being such an incredible person.


    These salts feature rose and frankincense essential oils, so you'll be relaxed and calm after your bath. Plus, it includes magnesium flakes, which will absorb faster into your body and help with muscle aches and pains, cramps, headaches and insomnia.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $29.95.

    3. These OUAI chill pills that will make you feel like you're at a luxurious spa when actually you're just in your crappy apartment.

    @theouai / Via

    These bath bombs contain jojoba seed oil, safflower seed oil and hemp seed oil to soothe, moisturise and nourish your skin. They have a clean, floral scent that will make it incredibly difficult to get out of the tub when the water cools down.

    Buy it from Sephora Australia for $30.

    4. This Kiehl's moisturiser that you can use day and night to give your poor, thirsty skin the hydration it deserves.

    BuzzFeed / Mariela Summerhays

    It's also paraben, fragrance and sulphate free, so you can use it on sensitive skin!

    Promising Review: “I love this cream — will not go a day without it. I first discovered it when I was stuck in an airport for hours. I was going around the stores trying on products and the store assistant swore this was the best thing for dry skin (especially when flying). She was not wrong. It’s creamy, but not greasy, and is so light. I find it serves as a great primer for under my makeup, too.”

    Mariela Summerhays

    Buy it from Adore Beauty for $51.

    5. This delicious smelling Glasshouse candle that will transport you to the tropical beaches of your dreams.

    Adore Beauty

    This candle has a blend of ruby pomelo, prosecco and orange zest notes that will fill your entire home in minutes — plus, the candle itself is aesthetically everything and you'll end up wanting one for every room.

    Buy it from Adore Beauty for $49.95.

    6. Or if you prefer darker scents, this Kush candle that will make you feel like you've stepped foot into a luxe cigar bar.

    @boy_smells / Via

    This candle has notes of cannabis flowers and white musk, so that your space won't smell like a lolly shop when you light it. It's made with coconut and beeswax, and set in a glossy black tumbler, so it'll look fantastic in your home.

    Buy it from Mecca for $49.

    7. This essential oil roller that's on such a level of luxury, it's almost ridiculous.

    BuzzFeed / Hameda Nafiz

    This roller contains Valencia orange, white grapefruit and patchouli essential oils. And if that's not enough, it's also infused with 24K gold flakes and Red Jasper. The roller itself is made from the stone, which is said to promote energy, creativity and confidence — so it's perfect to keep at your work desk.

    Buy it from Summer Salt Body for $22.

    8. These essential oils, so that you can create a unique cocktail of aromas that work for you.


    Essential oils can work wonders for your wellbeing, both mentally and physically. You can use them as massage oils, on fabrics or in a diffuser for optimum aromatherapy. This pack includes lavender, geranium, clary sage and frankinsense.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $20.99.

    9. This humidifier and diffuser, which you can use with your favourite essential oils to create a safe and snug environment for relaxing.


    This diffuser has seven different light settings for you to adjust to your mood, two different mist settings and ensures 10-16 hours of mist, so you can turn it on before bed without worrying about it burning out.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.99.

    10. This coffee scrub that will wash away all the dirt and filth that has built up on your skin, while boosting your energy levels.

    @frank_bod / Via

    This coffee scrub contains nothing but coffee grounds, almond oil, vitamin e and sea salt to leave your skin rejuvenated and fresher than ever.

    Buy it from Frank Body for $16.95.

    11. This weighted cotton blanket because you sure don't need a cuddle buddy to lessen your anxiety and get a good night’s rest.

    Amazon, BuzzFeed / Hameda Nafiz

    If you're the kind of person who tosses and turns a lot before going to bed, this weighted blanket will change your life. It feels like being tucked in, or cuddling someone, except better because you don't need to deal with another person.

    Weight is evenly distributed throughout the stitching of the blanket, making it feel as though you’re being hugged as you sleep. This blanket uses glass beads for the weight distribution rather than fibre, so that you can use it all year round without feeling too hot.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $59.99+.

    12. This lavender and chamomile infused aromatherapy mist, which you should spritz around your room before bed to make nodding off so much easier.


    This aroma mist uses essential oils to calm your body and mind, effectively knocking you right out so you can be sure to get a full eight hours.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $12.

    13. This wine decanter, because it's time to truly appreciate the beauty of red wine.


    All you have to do is pour the wine through this device and it expedites the ~breathing~ process, which means you won't have to wait forever for your wine to aerate and get all delicious for you.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $15.

    14. This scalp shampoo brush that will detangle your hair, but also massage your scalp which stimulates hair growth.


    This shampoo brush is perfect for all hair types and can be used on dry and wet hair.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $14.99.

    15. This Sephora hair sleeping mask that you can smother your hair with before bed, so you can wake up with goddess-like soft hair.

    @mommi.j / Via

    This hair mask contains coconut, shea, rose, acai, aloe vera and dragonfruit to repair and nourish your locks for optimum shininess. It also comes in a protective hair cap, so it won't stain your pillow when you're sleeping with it on.

    Buy it from Sephora Australia for $5.00.

    16. This super hydrating lip mask that you can apply to your lips before bed and wake up with the softest pucker you've ever had.

    @beautehacks / Via

    This lip mask contains coconut and jojoba oil to nourish and moisturise your lips, no matter how much the weather has abused them.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $20.50.

    17. This super fresh and hydrating facial mist that you'll find hard not to spritz at your face every three minutes.

    @alphahskincare / Via

    This facial spray contains lavender, amica, chamomile, orange blossom and bisabolol extracts to hydrate and refresh your skin, no matter what the air is like. It's anti-inflammatory and reduces redness, so your skin will look absolutely fabulous as you strut off the plane.

    Buy it from Adore Beauty for $17.85.

    18. This Sleepy lotion by Lush that will get you calm and ready for your eight hours.

    @lushcosmetics / Via

    This body lotion contains lavender to calm your mind, oatmeal to soothe your skin and jojoba oil to moisturise the heck out of your skin.

    Promising Review: "I kid you not, this lotion has changed the quality of my sleep. It's this heavenly mix of oatmeal, lavender oil, organic cocoa butter and a bunch of other natural goodness, plus it smells divine. My colleague swore up and down I would never sleep better than getting out of the shower, lathering this on, then jumping under my covers – and he was not wrong."

    Mariela Summerhays

    Buy for it from Lush for $17.95.

    19. And finally, this bag of Sticky Honey Chai from T2, so you can indulge your senses and get cosy with your favourite book or TV show.


    This tea blend contains black tea, honey, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, natural vanilla, ginger and salt. Plus, it's the perfect base for a homemade dirty chai — all you need to add is coffee!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $30.

    You, spoiling yourself because you know you're the greatest:


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