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    Aussies Are Being Asked About Which Non-Australian Animals Freak Them Out And I Agree With All Of Them

    I did not need to know what an emerald cockroach wasp was.

    It's no secret that Australian animals send a shiver of fright up our international friend's spines, but what the rest of the world seems to forget is that they have some darned scary animals too.

    Well, Reddit user u/Phuktihsshite set out to find out exactly which non-Australian animals we're all afraid of — and the responses were absolutely golden. Here are some of the best ones!

    1. Moose

    Moose smiling in field.

    2. Baboons

    Wide mouthed baboon with huge teeth.

    3. Japanese hornets

    Japanese hornet sitting on man's hand and taking up half the space.

    4. Bears

    Close up of a male black bear's face.

    5. Camel spiders

    6. Mountain lions

    A mountain lion caught on a night vision camera.

    7. Hippos

    Two hippos lazing happily in the sun.

    8. Emerald cockroach wasp

    A metallic looking wasp chomping into the head of a cockroach.

    9. American possums

    An American possum huddled down in grass.

    10. Geese

    A goose looking menacingly towards the camera while standing in a field of green.

    11. Komodo dragons

    12. And finally, Coyotes.

    A close up of a coyote's face.

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Australians after reading this list: