Get Your Bellies Ready Because Macca's Have Released Their "30 Days 30 Deals" Calendar

    Guess I'm eating nothing but Macca's this month.

    If you love a good feed and you can't pass up a great deal, you're in luck because Macca's have brought back '30 Days 30 Deals' from today.

    Basically, throughout the month of November, Macca's is going to offer its app users some pretty exciting savings.

    Today, you can score a Big Mac for just one dollar. That's right! A buck!

    Tomorrow? Large fries for a dollar. The day after that? A small McChicken meal and cheeseburger for five bucks and the deals just keep on coming.

    You can only access these deals through the MyMacca's App, so be sure to sign up and start snacking.