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    29 Genius Buys That Will Make Cleaning Your Entire Home Incredibly Easy

    If only Cinderella had access to these.

    1. This eco-friendly spray mop that removes all the hassle (and mess) of a squeegee bucket.

    2. This sink shroom, so that you don't have to worry about your drains clogging up because this guy will catch all the gunk for you.

    3. And for those bigger drains, these silicone toppers to keep your pipes clean.

    4. These deodorising drain sticks, which will make avoiding the funky-smelling-sink a thing of the past.

    5. This angry mama microwave cleaner that might just get your microwave cleaner than your mum could (sorry, mum!).

    6. These scrub attachments for your drill, so that you never end up having to scrub on your hands and knees for hours.

    7. This brush cleaning set, so you can clean all your water bottles β€” as well as the wine bottles you're super keen on turning into candle holders.

    8. This self-charging robotic vacuum, because you love yourself too much to partake in the worst chore invented, ever again.

    9. This eco-friendly pet hair roller that doesn't need any sheets or refills, so you can use it again and again without having to break out the vacuum.

    10. This squeegee, so that the next time you shower, you can pretend you're auditioning for the part of "window cleaner" and end up with a sparkling screen.

    11. This keyboard cleaning jelly to finally give your poor electronics a refresh after you've spent months eating your lunch over them.

    12. This palm dish brush that will make washing dishes your new favourite chore.

    13. This pack of microfibre cloths that absorb water without scratching surfaces or leaving streaks.

    14. This no scrub gel stain remover that will destroy your mould and mildew problems β€” just don't use it on your ex, as tempted as you might be.

    15. This makeup brush cleaning and drying machine that will leave your brushes feeling brand new.

    16. This litter box deodoriser that focuses on eliminating bad smells instead of masking them.

    17. This stainless steel cleaning cloth, which will keep you from screaming internally every time someone presses their grubby fingers to your favourite appliances.

    18. This microfibre blind duster that's built to swipe at your blinds, so you don't miss a single spot.

    19. This dishwasher cleaner, because a sparkling machine means spotless dishes.

    20. This self-groomer for your furry friend, which will allow them to brush themselves like the independent felines they are while keeping them from messing with your furniture legs.

    21. This clean/dirty dishwasher magnet, to keep the people you live with from mixing dirty and clean dishes.

    22. This mop that uses microfibre cloths to clean floors rather than those pesky floor cleaner wipes that are full of chemicals.

    23. This drain snake to unclog your drain, because the only thing worse than a clogged drain is cleaning one.

    24. This extendable duster that you can use to tackle that stray spiderweb that's been hanging out in the corner of your living room since you moved in.

    25. These deodorising bags, because now that you've been using your running shoes to stay active, they're likely getting a little gross.

    26. These cleaning brushes that will help you get everything cleaner, faster.

    27. This makeup brush shampoo to get your makeup brushes squeaky clean.

    28. And this silicone cleaning mat, so that you can finally clean those crusty brushes you're too embarrassed to use in front of anyone.

    29. And finally, this set of Scrub Daddy sponges that'll have your pots and pans sparkling with barely any effort.