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    People Are Sharing Their Ramadan Experiences On TikTok And I Feel Seen

    *Scrolls through these while waiting for Iftar.*

    1. This accurate representation of what it's like explaining Ramadan to non-Muslims.

    2. This reminder about having to watch your language for the whole month.

    3. This hilariously accurate interpretation of a brother and sister during a fast.


    Nom nom nom 😋😂 Are you excited for Ramadan? 😍🥰

    ♬ original sound - zup

    4. This harsh truth about the reality of expectations when Iftar comes around.


    All jokes aside we need to help out the women this Ramadan... #fyp #ramadan #bengali #pakistani #arab #muslim #iftaar

    ♬ SugarCrash! - ElyOtto

    5. This video that shows the most common way Muslims like to torture themselves before they break their fast.

    6. This upsetting realisation that you can't listen to "WAP" for a whole month.


    no eating or drinking?? EASY but not listening to music or reading ff is HARD. #ramadan

    ♬ son original - That French Guy

    7. And this video, which is all of us preparing to answer what seems to be the hottest question amongst non-Muslims during this time.

    8. This disappointing moment every fasting woman goes through at one point during Ramadan. 

    9. This very helpful video explaining all of the things we can eat during a fast.

    10. This unbelievably accurate statement on the love Muslims have for watermelon (especially during Ramadan). 

    11. This stunning reminder of what fasting was like last year during lockdown.

    12. This video that represents a moment we all have after our first bite.


    ramadan is literally on our doorstep 😳😳 #fyp #juhasz

    ♬ original sound - Daniel Juhasz

    13. This moment that's plain and simply all of us when we're fasting at work or school and lunchtime hits.


    Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters 🥰 #fyp #ramadan #lebos #jokes #funny #impersonations

    ♬ original sound - Mahmoud Ismail

    14. This clip that's all of us having to answer questions about what exactly breaks a fast.

    15. This unfortunate moment that's happened to all of us at some stage.

    16. And finally, this video, which may as well be live footage of me when I can hear plates crashing in the kitchen at 4 a.m.