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    11 Creepy Places In Australia That Locals Say Are Actually Terrifying

    Warning: Do not read this before bed.

    There are a lot of things about Australia that creep out non-locals, but not heaps that actually make the average Aussie's blood run cold.

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    I mean, we're so used to the weird and wacky traits of this place — it takes quite a bit to give us the heebie jeebies.

    To find out what actually gets the locals spooked, Reddit user u/KingOfArmpitFetishes posted this thread asking for Australians to share stories about places that "freaked them the fuck out."


    Here are some of the creepiest responses!

    1. Rural NSW

    Dwayne Sprigg / Getty Images/EyeEm

    "Not an exact location, but I've been in the RFS for years and I've done my fair share of fire seasons. A lot of the times, we weren't putting out fires. Instead, we were doing property protection. This means we drive down a dirt road, off a dirt off, off another dirt road, right in the middle of the bush were someone lives.

    You start asking yourself, 'Why the fuck would someone live here?' and then you meet the tenants and a majority of them give you a weird fucking vibe.

    This has been all over NSW. They usually have random shit on their land, don’t say anything and stare. Some even make comments like 'no one comes down here ever' and you get those  American movie vibes.

    I dunno, I’ve sat on some of these properties and felt like I would hear screaming coming from an underground basement at some stage."


    2. Queenstown, TAS

    Flickr: sauer-thompson / Via

    "The whole town feels like a bunch of old people are going to shuffle out of the shadows and drain the life force from your body. We kept joking that our car was going to break down on the way out and we'd be forced to stay there for the night in 'horror movie opening scene' style."


    3. Rossarden, TAS

    Flickr: thomasrdororg / Via

    "While you may have seen Queenstown, there's another town called Rossarden that needs to be seen to be believed. It's an ex mining town on the southern end of Ben Lomond and it's filled with criminals, desperate types and kids playing on rusted old mining equipment."


    4. Kalkajaka (Black Mountain) near Cooktown, QLD

    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

    "It's an enormous pile of granite boulders up to the size of a house that has no business being there and it is creepy as fuck."


    "Went to the base of it jumping on the boulders with a group of kids, parents watching from afar of course. We all agreed very quickly we didn't want to go further. Something unsettling about all that charred rock."


    5. Coober Pedy, SA

    Flickr: smartencyclopedia / Via

    "Coober Pedy is kind of odd. It's like it's stuck in time."


    "It looks like a few decades ago, there was a lot of investment with this idea it'd be a tourist hotspot in the desert. But when I went there, there were lots of run down businesses."


    6. Port Arthur, TAS

    Flickr: Prescott Pym / Via

    "I did the after dark tour and I saw shit that made me run back to the bus. That place is fucking wrong."


    7. Goblin Swamp, Pemberton, WA

    Charles Pieper / Via

    "Late at night in the paper bark swamp you can see faces in the trees. It's creepy as fuck."


    PSA: I couldn't put any pictures of it here, but do yourselves a favour and look it up. Unless you don't like nightmares, then maybe steer clear of this one.

    8. Tyalgum, NSW

    Flickr: elysees-elysium / Via

    "Went there to stay in an Airbnb with some friends over the weekend and the hosts were nice, but super weird and off-putting. The home was lovely, but had weird pieces of art everywhere and the layout of the furniture felt off.

    Went into the town to have lunch at the only cafe in town and noticed they had 20+ staff, in a small dead cafe, all young European women in their 20s, and a few older men. None of the staff talked to each other and the atmosphere was so strange. Why so many staff for a cafe with nobody in it? Why is everyone dressed like it’s 1903?

    Walked down the street and all the shops had the same vibe. Googled the town and it turns out it’s a massive cult town with some missing persons and various criminal investigations. I got the fuck out of there ASAP."


    9. The Rocks, NSW

    Flickr: eatdrinkseedo / Via

    "I've always found The Rocks area of Sydney creepy, probably from reading and watching Playing Beatie Bow in school, plus the other stuff about the plague in Sydney."


    "An apartment I used to visit fairly often had some creepy shit going on. I once saw this wafting, ghostly thing appear in front of me and vanish upwards. I was in there by myself with two dogs at the time — one of them looked over and barked at it. Also, one day we had walked in and there was shattered glass all over the apartment from the glass balustrades falling by themselves from the second floor when we were out. I used to get the creeps being there."


    10. Junee, NSW

    Flickr: andryahart / Via

    "I lived in Junee near Wagga Wagga for nearly a year and the whole town has an 'off' vibe. There's a prison, the most haunted homestead in Australia, murders and an abandoned hospital, which had the region's only autopsy room for a long time. It's also significantly colder than Wagga Wagga which is 40 minutes away."


    "Don't forget the doll museum next to the most haunted homestead! They're just asking for trouble."


    11. And finally, Balanglo, NSW

    Sohan Judge / BuzzFeed

    "State forests and pine forests are filled with genuinely some of the weirdest, most fucked up and just scary shit you’ll ever see. No one goes deep into state forests. Me and my friend did one time and we came across a clearing with small pine trees, some tied down to make a little teepee over a camp. In the camp, there was a green stool, some random shit, a blue box, a shovel and a child’s onesie down a wombat hole…creepiest shit ever. I felt like I was being watched, so I just told my friend to run and we started running out of there until I tripped on a bone. Then I looked around and there were hundreds of bones scattered everywhere. So we ran even faster. I know the story sounds straight out of a horror movie, but to be honest that’s exactly what it was like."


    "Went pine mushroom picking there at Easter several years ago. The silence under the pines, the disorientating rows on rows on rows of trees with no landmarks, feeling both claustrophobic and completely exposed at the same time. Stumbling over many different bleached bones and wondering if there are human remains that were never found in that place. No. Never again."


    Have you been to any of these places? Do you have your own story about a creepy place in Australia? Let us know in the comments and you may be featured in a future BuzzFeed post or video.

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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