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If You Practically Live In Your Car, Here Are 16 Things That Will Make Life Easier

Nobody needs to know the truth.

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If you're like me, and basically live in your car, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say it's seen better days.


But it's my happy place, so I don't judge it for its inability to stay clean.

That is why I decided to make a list of things (that I may or may not do) to make my car a better space to live and breathe.


Please don't follow me up on this.

So if you want to join me in transforming into ~that friend~, read on and thrive!


1. Get yourself some car seat gap fillers to avoid your phone disappearing into ~the void~.


I can't count the amount of times that this happens to me, and I have PTSD from the pain involved in retrieving said phone.

PRICE: $20.67 for two inserts.

2. Keep a stash of wet wipes in your car for a quick and seamless wipe down when dust and dirt get the better of you.


There's nothing more embarrassing than offering someone a ride and realising your dashboard is dustier than that treadmill your mum bought five years ago (and never used).

PRICE: $24.00 for three large packs.

3. Get yourself a handy and surprisingly stylish car bin where you can dispose of said tissues and wipes.


Just 'cause you're trash, doesn't mean your car needs to be full of it.

PRICE: $16.54.

4. Keep a car charger handy for mornings you wake up with no juice.


We've all forgotten to plug our phone in the night before, and we've all felt the repercussions. This one is a must!

PRICE: $10.79.

5. Ensure your car is smelling funky fresh with an effective and aesthetically pleasing air freshener.


Breathe in the lavender, breathe out the road rage.

PRICE: $13.99 for one diffuser and 10 felt pads.

6. Invest in a medical grade first aid kit to keep in your boot in case of any emergencies.


You can never be too prepared for the worst. At least that's what my anxiety tells me.

PRICE: $22.99.

7. Stock up on nutritious snacks to keep those fast food cravings at bay when you're driving home from work.

@eastbalicashews / Via Instagram

You're on your way home, starving. You glance over at some golden arches, but realise that you have food at home. "I'm hungry now!", you tell yourself. Thankfully, past-you has ensured you have some delicious cacao cashews on hand.

PRICE: $2.95 (but we recommend stocking up on these).

8. Stash those snacks in a cute but versatile lunch bag that you can keep in your car door compartment.

French Bull

The last thing you want is floating cashews. That's the opposite of having your shit together. Plus, LOOK HOW CUTE!

PRICE: $24.99.

9. Keep a towel and a change of clothes in your boot ~just in case~.


Opt for a fast drying, portable beach towel. Bath towels hold onto the sand and water forever.

PRICE: $39.59 for a large beach towel.

10. Make sure you've got shopping bags for impromptu trips to the shops.


These ones are gorgeous (and even have fruit bags!), so you can forego plastic and do your bit to help out the environment.

PRICE: $24.95 for one large canvas bag and five produce bags.

11. Then when you return with your shopping, have a handy shopping divider to organise your boot.


Join the ~one trip club~ now.

PRICE: $21.32.

12. Keep your boot clean with a waterproof car boot protector (especially great if you have pets!)


Bid pet hair adieu and keep your boot spick and span!

PRICE: $24.99.

13. Never lose a parking ticket or your sunglasses again with a sun visor organiser.


These give me serious CD holder nostalgia vibes, and they're super effective.

PRICE: $12.40.

14. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser on hand for those moments you can't remember the last time you washed them.

@drbronner / Via Instagram

You know this has happened to you. Don't lie.

PRICE: $18.99.

15. Sunscreen, for always. There's literally no time this won't be useful.

@invisiblezincau / Via Instagram

Because sun safety is the ultimate indication of maturity, let's be honest.

PRICE: $18.99.

16. And finally, go back to basics with a weatherproof notebook and pen in your car, because you never know when you'll need it!


Not only will you seem super literate and mysterious, this is actually incredibly helpful to have.

PRICE: $16.47.


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